Lock breakingMature


"Spark" Falcon mumbles. I was on my knees anger burning through my body. I stared intently at the lock.

It clicked. I got up and yanked the door open throwing it over my shoulder.

"I'm not in the mood pal" I hiss at the shocked fallen Angel.

"But..... how could you do that..... you're spirit" he whispers walking back slowly.

"Yeah and my spirits burning brilliantly with anger " I lit a flame and he cursed lighting his own on clenched fists.

But his were black and I knew that while it would burn your skin it would freeze your heart.

"I'm pissed off don't fight me" I hiss through my teeth.

He smiles then throws a fire ball. With a flick of finger it sliced through. Everyone stares shocked.

I turn and kick Thano in the chest knocking the breath out of him.

He tries to punch but I duck and come in low. I punch using the air currents. He was thrown back but still got to his feet.

"Wow, she really is pissed" Falcon whispers.

"Shut up Falcon" I shout forming a dagger. Thano gets up and I hold the dagger so the blade is sticking down, only proffessional's know thats how to handle a blade, its not the same with swords. But holding it down increases the way you can use the blade.

He charges electricity through his hands then I come in quick. I stab the dagger into his stomach and Thano yells throwing me tumbling back.

I roll back into a crouch. He yanks out the dagger then turns heading for the basement.

"Shit" Ryan hisses. We run after him but her the clang and lock of the door before we reach the bottom of the stairs.

Rai reaches for the lock but Falcon pulls back her hand. "He's set it so when lock by him from the inside it will become poisoness" he whispers.

"Great" Rai mutters.

"How we gonna get in now?" I ask looking at everyone in turn just like they do.

The End

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