Where is she?!Mature


If I thought Falcon and I were bad, I think Ryan and Spark were trying to take it to a whole new level.  We were in the middle of a crisis and they still couldn't keep their hands off each other!  At least I was learning to exercise some self-control.

We followed the trail for ages around the city, but getting nowhere.

'I think whoever has Ebony isn't too keen on us finding her again.'  I was getting frustrated, the trail wasn't running cold it was just really long.  'Are you getting anything different to me Spark because I don't think we can keep doing this all night.'

'I'm the same as you, but while we still have a warm trail I think we should follow it.'

'Right then so let's keep going.'  I admired Falcon for trying to keep everyone's spirits up.  He leaned down and whispered in my ear, 'You're doing a great job, keep it up.'  He smiled and kissed me.

'You hypocrites!'  I think Spark meant it as a joke but it came out quite forcefully so we contented ourselves with Falcon walking with his arm around my waist, that contact was enough.

The trail led us to a house on the outskirts of the city.

'What do we do now?'  I wasn't comfortable with barging in, even if it was to save Ebony.

'We go in.'  I knew Ryan wold say that but a part of me was hoping he wouldn't.  He marched straight up to the door, closel followed by Sparkle and Falcon and me dragging behind.  He knocked on the door which seemed a weird thing to do when we were going to get into the house at any cost.

The man Sparkle and I had seen in our vision appeared at the door, except he was different, his eyes for one weren't red anymore, his yellow hair was shorter he didn't have any wings.

'Hello Thano.'  So that was his name.  'Can we come in?'  Falcon was being strangely polite.

'If you've come to get your star back then I don't think so.'  He tried to shut the door but Falcon blocked it.  'You don't want to do this again Falcon, remember how it ended last time.'  He sounded so confident it made my blood boil.

But then I had a thought, Oh God, I wasn't going to have to fight was I?  Falcon and Ryan couldn't touch Thano because he had fallen so were Spark and I meant to do all that work?  I pushed to the front of our little group and face Thano.

'I don't think you understood.  We are coming in if you like it or not.'

'Oh are you?'

'Yes we are.'  I tried to conjure flames in my hands but they wouldn't light.

'Nice try, but not good enough.'  He pushed me backwards knocking into Falcon and we went sprawling across the floor.  The door slammed.

'OK then what now?'

The End

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