We are here to save EbonyMature


I look around amazed and wide eyed. Falcon had kept the name quiet and we decided to try and find this so called dungeon. But I was so entranced by the beauty of the city.

"Spark..... Spark......SPARK!"

"Huh? What?" I turn to face the others. Rai looks angrily while Falcon and Ryan try to desperately hold back there laughter.

"We Are Here To Save E-bon-ny" she drags each sillable out so it sounds like it has two 'N's.

"Oh, yeah sorry....... I love Greek and Roman mytholodgy" I say smiling.

"We guessed hun" Ryan says patting my back. I fall into his arms and hug him. I see Falcon slip his arm around Rai's waist and lean into him.

I hope when we find Ebony she'll find someone cause sorry but love is like heavan. Your heart is like a little bird taking its first steps as it flutters feebly inside your chest but when you're in love it's like the bird grows it wing hammering inside you.

I look up and kiss Ryan. On the side lines I hear wolf whistling by some idiotic tourists. I don't care.

I'm flipping happy. "Uh, guys" Falcon muttered. But we don't turn and in the end Rai has to force us apart.

"God, you two are terrible" Rai says shaking. I blush while Ryan just looks generally pleased with himself.

"Let's go find Ebony then" I say sternly. Rai nods and we begin to head off.

Ryan leans down to my ear. "Later" he whisper and I almost stumble from shock.

The End

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