Can you find her?Mature


'Right then we need to find her, does anyone have any ideas?'  We were all sat at the kitchen table in our new, small flat.

'Well I've asked the council but they couldn't tell me anything useful.'  Falcon was looking tired, the lines on his face were standing out.

'Well what did they tell you?  We might be able to use it.'  Ryan was clearly back in control of this operation.

'Just that there's been increased fallen activity, they think they're planning something, we're just not sure what it is.'  His hands were growing warm in mine under the table.  'I have some of the other angels trying to find anything they can but so far nothing.'

'You're doing great.'  I smiled at him.

'It might not be enough.'  He looked so sad it was breaking my heart.

'You know that thing we did, with the feather.'  I realised what track Spark was taking.  'Could we do it again?'

'I don't know, angels don't have that sort of power.'

'But it's worth a try though right?'  If there was any chance this might work I was going to do it.  Ryan looked at Falcon.

'Well I guess so.'

'Then let's do it.'  I looked at Sparkle and she nodded in agreement.  We sat opposite each other at the table and took each others hands.

'Are you ready?'  Spark looked as nervous as I felt but I nodded.  'OK then, let's go.'  I closed my eyes and focused on trying to find Ebony but all I could see was darkness.  Then suddenly it hit me, a vision.  I saw Ebony, she was in a darkened room and she was bleeding.  I tried to reach out to her but I couldn't.  A door somewhere flew open and threw light over her face.

It was an angel standing in the doorway, with large black wings but that was about all I could see, the light coming from behind him blocked out his face.  The vision started to slip away, his face was almost coming into focus, yellow hair.  The last thing I saw was his eyes, an alarming red colour.  I let go of Spark's hands in shock.

'Did you see them?'  She nodded.

'What did you see?'  Falcon's arms were around me to stop me from shaking.

'We didn't get much just a dark room, but we saw the angel.'  Spark was shaken by the vision too, she looked to stunned to speak.

'What did he look like Rai?'

'He was tall, jet black wings and yellow hair.  He had red eyes.'  Falcon suddenly became furious.

'Not him, anyone but him!'  He started pacing.


The End

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