I scream the pounding in my head burns. I hear Falcon run in with Rai screaming.

Ryan's arm is tight around me.

"Some one has Ebony" Ryan shouts over the screaming. Then it goes just like that it vanishes. Me and Rai look at each other in sink then run. We rush out the room following something that I can't see but can feel.

"Wait" Ryan shouts behind us but we're faster. I don't know how but we are.

Then the trail stops and we look around trying to find her, to find Ebony.

"It's gone cold" Rai whispers. I feel it to a cold sensation that starts at your finger tips then begins to vibrate through your whole body.

"We need to find her" I plead at Rai. She nods but her face is sad and full with worry.

Ryan and Falcon land close and walk over to us. "You shouldn't haven't run off like that" Ryan says sternly.

Falcon pulls Rai into his arms and kisses her head quickly savoring everyone.

"I'm sorry but.... we have to find her" I whisper. Then I feel it. I look upwards then hold out my hand.

A single back feather drifts down onto my palm. I here Ryan gasp and Falcon tenses his arms around Rai.

Rai forces him off and walks over studying the feather.

"Fallen" Ryan hisses.

"This is one of there's" I ask holding it up. Ryan steps back and I remember what he said about a touch being poisoness to angels.

"Oh, sorry" I mutter pulling it away from him.

"Burn it Spark" Falcon hisses.

"No.... I'm gonna use it" I smile at them and they look at me confused. I consentrate on the feather and feel my eyes begin to glow.

I watch Rai follow my lead and her eyes glow aswell.

Then we see him, flying swiftly through the skys an unconcious Ebony in his arms. I smile snatching the feather tightly burning it to a crisp.

"We know who took Ebony and we know where he's heading" I smile and look at Rai who looks back at the two Angel's.

"Pack your bags boys we're traveling to Athens" she says. Yet another journy in our life.

The End

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