Twenty QuestionsMature


No-one knew what to say.  There were evil Angels who practised dark magic trying to kill us and Falcon and Ryan.  I hugged Falcon closer to me, there was no way I was letting anyone kill him.

I felt a bit sorry for Ebony, I had Falcon and Spark had Ryan but she was sitting alone in a chair, seperate and dispite her attitude towards couples I hoped she would find someone to love.  She had all of eternity, I wanted her to share it with someone.

'Is anyone going to say anything?'  Ebony was uncomfortable with the silence.

'I'm going to go for a walk, you want to come Falcon?'  I jumped up from our chair and looked expectantly at him.

'Yeah, alright.  It'll be good to have a look around.'  We took each others hands and walked to the door.

'Be careful guys.'  Spark was turning into a real mum!  I liked it.

'So... What do you think?'  Falcon asked.

'Think about what?'

'Anything, I don't get what goes on in your head and it bugs me.'

'Not anything interesting.  I think about you.'  I could feel the colour rising in my cheeks.

'Do you think about anything else?'  I was suddenly very aware of his body that was so close to mine.  To my surprise he was still in his angel form, flame red hair and his wings neatly hidden.

'Yeah sometimes.  I think about music a lot.'

'What about music?'  He looked genuinely interested.

'Why do you want to know so much?'

'Because I...'  Was he about to say what I think he was going to say?

'The truth is... I love you Rai.'  Now it was his turn to blush.  'And I want to know everything about you.'

'OK then lets play a game.'

'Oh God, I don't like the sound of this.'  His eyes rolled.

'Don't worry it's easy.  Twenty questions, I ask you one you ask me one, agreed?'


'You start.'  I looked at him as his forehead creased with concentration wondering what to ask me.

'There are so many questions I want to ask.'  He was still thinking.  'What do you like doing when you're alone?'

'Ok that one's easy.  I like reading, anything that makes me cry is considered a good book.  I love singing as well, obviously, I play the piano a bit too but not very well.'  He stopped and laughed at me.  'What?'

'Nothing carry on.'

''ve put me off now!'  I played at mock anger gently punching him in the stomach.  'I like being outside.  There's something about being alone with only nature around you, it's so... I don't know how to describe it.'

'I know what you mean.  OK then it's your turn.'  I knew straight away what I was going to ask.

'How did you become an angel?'  His face scrunched up again.

'You always have to ask the difficult ones.  It's not like you think it is.  I was born in front of the council and they gave me orders, they told me you were coming but they didn't know when.  I've had to wait a long time for you.  You arethe reason I'm here.  It's not the same for everyone though, full angels are born this way but there are some who are half-angels who can be created but otherwise you have to be born into this life.'  He was starting to look stressed.

'Don't worry, it's your turn now.'  He untensed and gave me a grin.

'Right then I'm going to have to think of a really hard one for you now.'

The End

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