Missed youMature


As soon as I step in I'm swept of my feet. Ryan kisses me passionately and I hear Ebony pretend to gag.

I force myself to pull back and I take a deep breath. "HOW DARE YOU" I shout.

"Didn't succed mate" Falcon says laughing. "See in the living room in a bit"

They all depart and I fold my arms across my chest angrily.

"I'm sorry" he muttters.

"Not good enough" I say pouting, probably was a bad idea because Ryan kisses me suddenly and my back hits the wall. I wrap my arms around his neck while his are on my hips.

"You really are irrestistable when you're angry" Ryan whispers against my lips.

"And you cheat" I say back. He pulls back to look at me.

"How so?" he asks.

"You kiss me making me lose my train of thought" I say passing a hair through his hair. "Now we should go and tell the others what happened during the tracking"

He nods and takes my hand and we walk into the main area and sit down. I sit happily on his lap.

"I think Spark should explain it since our version was complicated" Ryan says.

"Go Ahead" Falcon says and I see his arm around Rai's shoulder protectively.

"Okay, well a group of power baddies popped up on radar the day after we started using our powers.

Problem is these Baddies are Angel's so there immortal but they can actually be killed by magic or one of us if delivered a fatal wound directly through the heart...... this only happens to Angels who sort of practice black magic.

Like stuff like shadows, deadly powers, abilty to bring fear to your mind... that sort of stuff. But the Coucil new the area they were in which was close to use but they couldn't pin point it.

So they needed one of us to try hoping that they wouldn't be able to block us" I explain calmly and Rai and Ebony stay silent. Well Ebony trys to speak but Ryan glares at her cutting her short.

"So did it work?" Ebony asks.

"No, she almost got in when they detected her.... Falcon had to telepathically pull her back to reality with mind control" Ryan says.

"But why are they after us?" Rai asks looking at Falcon.

"If you died no one would be able to stop them..... Dark Magic is poisoness to Angels who don't practice it.... we would die with just one touch"

Everyone goes silent. "That's all we know" Ryan says his voice irritated.

The End

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