Australia! No way!Mature

Australia had always been a place that I wanted to visit but this was a bit drastic.

'Australia!'  I was in complete shock as Falcon drove us down a very long, very flat road.

'Yes Australia would you please shut up now!'  Ebony was annoyed with us, and who wouldn't be, I had been repeating the word Australia for about the last ten minutes.

'I know it's a long way from where you're used to but we had to move you, the threat was too big.'

'What is this threat that has made us run halfway across the world?'  Falcon remained silent.  'I think we have a right to know?'  He knew I was right.

'I can't tell you now, Ryan needs to be here but as soon as we arrive at the house I'll tell you all more.'

Sparkle was being very quiet.

'Are you OK Spark?'  I tuned around in my seat to face her.

'Yeah I'm fine, just a bit dazed.'

'Sorry about that, long distance teleporting can do that sometimes.'  Falcon said it very matter-of-factly.

'Well thanks for warning us!'  I hoped the journey wouldn't be too long, I didn't think I could stand much more of Ebony being like this.

'How far is it?'  I whispered to Falcon.

'Not much further, just over there.'  He poined to a town shaped blob ahead of us.  'We aren't as isolated as before but hopefully that will help to hide us from whoever looking for us.'

About 30 minutes later we drew up outside a house.

'I thought you said it would be the same one.'  Ebony looked disappointed.

'It is, we just had to change the outside a bit so it would fit in.'

'Didn't anyone notice a house suddenly landing here?'  Ebony was really laying into him now.

'No, we've used a small amount of magic to make them think this house was here all along, not particularly powerful magic but magic nonetheless.  Shall we go in?'

The End

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