"I hate school" I groan.

"Me too" Rai mutters.

"Oh, will you to just fucking shut up" Ebony shouts. "You only don't like it cause the guys you like have gone on a buisness trip"

Me and Rai turn and glare at her. She shakes her head and we continue walking.

"I'm angry Ryan didn't give us a lift before he went" Ebony says angrily.

"And I can't teleport properly yet" I mutter. We all sigh only slightly out of sink.

Then a car pulls up.

"Get in" Falcon shouts and strangely he's in his angel form. We look at each other then get in quickly. Me and Ebony in the back and Rai in the front.

Falcon dives on to the road.

"Where we going?" I ask leaning forward.

"Out of here..... the group on the radar was more of a threat than we thought"

"Where's Ryan?" I ask starting to panic.

"He'll meet us at the cloaked hotel" Falcon says.

"What about your job?" Rai asks.

"They're sending another clocker down to take my place" he looks at Rai. "Everythings dealt with"

"So, we have to move yet again" Ebony asks. "What about are stuff?"

"Coucil has sent opporatives to transport the house to a new location"

"You have to be kiding me" Ebony says utterly shocked.

"You'll need to be quiet from....... now" Falcon shouts. Then I see it a thin skin in space. We transport straight through it to somewhere different the car skiding slightly.

"Welcome to Australia" Falcon says.

"You've got to be kidding me" Ebont mutters once again and I see the kangaroes outside.

"Wow" I whisper.

The End

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