I was hardly told anythingMature

"Ryan's the same and the only reason I know some if cause I overheard them talking...... if fact we didn't once lie to you. It's Council buisness and its fucking complicted" I moan.

"What is this coucil buisness?" Rai asks sitting down.

"Fucking annoying is what it is.... my head still hurts" I groan. Ryan tightens his arms around me.

"A dangerous group popped up on radar...... Spark tried to track them thats all we can tell you" Ryan says simply.

"I can't belive my boyfriends hiding something from me that involves me" I groan looking over at her. "Boys suck"

"Hey" Ryan almost shouts.

"Sorry but its true you are idiots sometimes" Rai says pulling her knees in on herself.

"See" I say looking up at him and sticking my tongue out he catches my lips as I pull it back in.

"Uh" Rai turns her head away as we kiss and I push Ryan back.

"And Angel's are totally undisaplined" I say winking at Rai and we all begin to laugh.

"Not funny laughing at our expense" We all look at Falcon and Rai smiles. I see Ebony rush past the door and go to her room slamming her door behind her. "I brought Ebony home...... quite fun embarassing her actually. Riding with the head"

He smiles and I watch the look on Rai's face like her heart skipped a few beats. I look back at Falcon.

"We'll leave you alone" I say cheekily. Rai glares at me and I just catch it before I teleport me and Ryan to my room.

"And success first time" he whispers against my throat. "Ready to try other area's"

"Not recklass one's" I tease before kissing him.

The End

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