In the darkMature

'What's going on that you aren't telling us?'  I could tell Falcon was hiding something, he was doing that face.

'I'm not hiding anything, it's just very...complicated.'

'Everything seems to be complicated with you!'  Why did he keep blocking me out.  'Are you so afraid of letting anyone in you can't tell me anything?'

'Believe me I want to tell you but I can't.'

'Why?  You know I'm not going to go blabbing to someone about it.'  I was so determined to get something out of him I think I was scaring even Ebony.

'I can't.'  He started rubbing his forehead.  'Look I have to go and you two have lessons.  We'll speak more about this tonight.'

'We can't wait til-'

'This point is non-negotiable.  I will see you this evening Rai.'  He looked even more gorgeous when he was mad and I was furious at myself for thinking it to I turned around and walked out of the room and straight to my next lesson.

'Woah Rai are you alright?  You looked like you were about to explode.'  Ebony looks slightly impressed.

'I'm fine, he's just so infuriating!'

'I know it's his job.'  This can't help but make me smile.

I spent the rest of the day waiting for school to end.  Our table at lunch felt empty without the playful banter we'd had yesterday.  Strangely I missed them.  By three o'clock I was so fed I up I decided to leave early, I wasn't missing much, only a study period where I would have sat staring into space if I hadn't gone home.  I had to walk because Ryan was at home with Spark.

I don't know how I knew my way back but I did and as soon as I arrived I tried to find Ryan and Sparkle.  They were in the living room, curled up on the sofa together.

'OK then so what's really going on?'  I was surprised at how confident I'd become, I liked the new me.  'Falcon won't tell me anything and I thought maybe one of you two would so, spill.  What's happening that's so bad you can't tell me?'

The End

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