"Just some Coucil instructions" Falcon says pushing a hand up through his hair.

Hm, not exactly lying.

"Why's Spark stressed?" Ebony asks.

"Because Angel Politic is really hard to understand" Also not a total lie. Angel's had so many rules and guide lines that it would take a hundred years to revise them all.

"I'm taking her home...... If thats okay" Ryan looks at Falcon who nods. Ryan helps me up.

"Major headache" I mutter almost passing out as I stand.

"Are you sure its just the informationg overload?" Rai asks.

"Seems more than that to me" Ebony puts in.

"I'm fine guys" I say smiling at them before Ryan leads me out. "Tracking hurts"

"I know but you did great though Spark" Ryan says keeping my body up. I scoff and shake my head.

"We couldn't find anything on h-"

"Shh" Ryan demands. "Not till we're alone" he whispers.

I nod and let him lead me to the car. I slump in the seat and fall aseleep before we get home.

I wake up about  1 o'clock to the sound of cooking. I look around at the surrondings.... I'm in my room.

I stand up and walk into the main room to find Ryan cooking calmly each movement done with grace, like its been practiced to make it so perfect.

"Whats for lunch Chef?" he turns and smiles at me.

"Pasta.... sort of tomarto based" he says turning back to the cooking.

I sit down and he serves up the food. I really did need that sleep after what I did to help them find the information they needed which turned out useless....

I sigh. At least I helped.

The End

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