New DayMature


Ryan was on edge all the way to school after he got the magic letter.  Something was obviously up because even I in my state of euphoria noticed it.  When we got to school Ryan started walking towards Falcon's office.

'I need to talk to him, if the teacher asks, you've not seen me yet.'  He hurried off towards the building.

'I wonder what's wrong?'  I mused.

'Well it must be something big to have got Ryan in a state like that.'  Sparkle was worried about him I could see it in her eyes.

'What ever it is he can handle it.'  I tried to reassure her but she still looked doubtful.  'Come on lets go to Maths, you know how much I love it.'  Groans all around.  One thing we definately had in common was a hatred for Maths, none of us got it.

When we got to class the teacher didn't bat an eyelid when Ryan didn't come in with us so we calmly sat down and pretended to listen attentively.

I was so bored trying to work out the algebra Mr Lee had put on the board I decided to try my magic as I hadn't done any practise last night.  I focused hard on my piece of paper and focused on the sums being done.

An answer appeared on my page.  I nudged Ebony.

'Watch this.'  I did it again.

'How did you do that?'  Ebony was shocked.

'I just imagined the answer appearing on my page and it happened.'  I got Sparkle's attention.  'Spark, I think I've found an easier way to do this.'  Another answer appears and her eyes widen.

'Sparkle and Rai am I interupting something?'  Mr Lee isn't the nicest of teachers so it probably wasn't best to annoy him.  We both went back to work.  I could see Sparkle trying to magic the answers onto her page and failing, she was so worried about Ryan no wonder she couldn't do magic.

I finished my questions long before any of the others thanks to my magic powers but I didn't want to abandon my friends by leaving class early so I pretended to still be working hard.

The bell went and we handed in our work.  Ryan still hadn't shown up and Spark looked like she was about to explode.

'Where is he?'

'I'm sure he's just talking to Falcon, they probably have a lot to talk about.'  I was struggling to find something positive to say and I didn't want to let Spark go off to her next lesson alone, a lesson she usually had with Ryan.  What do I do?

The End

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