I wake up stretching out, Ryan mumbles something and pulls my closer to him. I laugh. I pull my shirt down from where it was srunched up just below my breasts.

Then I realise Ryan has no top on at all. "What happened last night?" I ask.

He sighs then opens one eyes. "You feel asleep is what happened?" he mutters. I burst out laughing and Ryan smile shaking his head.

"We need to get up" I try to sit up but Ryan pulls me back down pinning me to the bed.

"No" he whispers tracing my jawline with his lips. My brain starts to go fuzzy and I wrap my arms around his neck catching his lips kissing him passionately.

He groans and we roll so I lie on top. His hands slide up from my waist and under my top cold against my burning skin.

I pull back and jump off the bed. "Hey" he shouts and I just laugh.

"My rules" I say tapping his nose and walking out of this room to my own. "Oh and you still owe me a lesson on teleporting" I call back.

"Stupid reason" I hear him mumble. I go to my room and switch into some new fresh clothes before going to the kitchen where Ebony's cooking.

"Why do you always cook?"

"I enjoy it..... besides I'm good" she says smiling.

I smile back and sit down at the table just as Ryan walks in Rai following minutes later a smile on her face.

"Prepare for love explosion" I warn Ebony. She looks at Rai and almost sticks her head into the cooking to avoid looking at the lovey dovey expression on her face.

She plates the food up then serves it.

"Anything good happen last night Rai?" I ask. She smiles and blushes at the same time.

"Just what I thought" I say.

Just then a letter appears out of no where and Ryan plucks it out the air.

"Excuse me" he mutters walking out.

"Wonder what thats about? Angel express mail or something?" Ebony teases and me and Rai can't help but laugh slightly. Ryan walks back in slipping something in his pocket as he goes.

"Come on we need to get to school" he says starting on his food quickly.

The End

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