When we get back Ebony runs to her room like her butts on fire. I hear Ryan chuckle and he pulls me into his room hugging my close.

He falls back on to the bed and I squeal slightly. I hear and feel him chuckle, he teleports us to the center of the bed so our legs aren't hanging of the edge.

I look up at him shaking my head to get the hair out of my eyes. Ryan reaches out and does it for me, since I did such a bad job and only got more in front on my eyes.

Then he leans down to kiss me and I kiss him softly back. "I love you Ryanark" I whisper.

"I love you too Sparkle" he whispers then kisses. He roll over looming over me on his extended arms, one hand either side of my face. He lifts one hand and flicks his finger. I hear the movement of the lock and pull back.

"What happened to I'm in charge and we should take it slow?" I whispers as he kisses up along my neck.

"It's flown out the window for a walk" he mutters as he reaches my lips again.

"Well, it should fly back in soon" I whisper as I feel Ryan's hand slide under my top. "Cause I may start giving in"

Ryan smiles. "I don't mind" he whispers and then he kisses me passionately hands warm on my skin staying at my waist.

And strangely this time I don't mind about not taking it slow.

The End

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