Routine was aleady emerging, get up, go school, band practise one evening a week for me and then home again to practise magic.  I didn't think I was going to mind our monotonous daily routine, as long as Falcon visited regularly.  I didn't know what to do about him, I couldn't say outright I loved him because he would just laugh at me but I couldn't bottle it up for much longer.

Whenever his eyes met mine, in a corridor or during my history lesson I couldn't breathe and my heart started pounding.  Ebony just laughed at me.

'You've known him all of..' she looked at her watch doing some quick math '30 hours and you think you love him.'

'I don't know, I've never been in love before so I couldn't tell you and you wouldn't understand because you haven't either.'  I would have asked Sparkle for help but it was pretty obvious from the start that Ryan felt the same way about her as she did about him and I didn't have a clue if Falcon even liked me.

I thought about band practise instead, after school at Darren's house.  He was the creator of the band and lead guitarist along with the drummer Clark.  Our bass player was Ollie aas the only one who was the same age as me, the other two were in the year above.

At the end of school the others went home in Ryan's car and Ollie gave me a lift to Darren's house.  Ryan had said he'd pick me when I'd finished but I wasn't too sure.  Ollie was so much fun.  We liked the same kind of music so we sang along to our favourites all the way to the house.

I have never felt so right as I did throughout practise.  Although I was new and the only girl the others made me feel so welcome, although it turned out it was partly because they thought I was sexy, glasses and all.  They showed me some of their songs mostly written by Darren and taught them too me.  It was so fun.

When we had finished I went back outside expecting to see Ryan waiting impatiently in his car but instead it was one I didn't recognise and a man who wasn't Ryan stepped out the front door.

'Hey Rai.  You have a good evening?'  I didn't know who he was until I looked in his eyes and remembered what Ryan had said he's a cloaker.

'Yeah it was great thanks.'  To my surprise he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me against him.  Flustered I turned to Ollie who was standing with his mouth open at me.  'I'll see at school tomorrow.'  We got in the car and as soon as we were far enough away Falcon reverted back to his normal form.

'Sorry about that, couldn't let your new friends think the head teacher was picking you up.'  He smiled.

'Does Ryan know you're here?'

'Yeah, he wanted to spend some time with Sparkle.'

'Oh right.'  Silence.  I thought I might as well have this conversation now when we were alone.  'Do you like me Falcon?'  It came out very bluntly, I seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

'Of course I like you, you're a nice person to be around.'

'That wasn't quite what I meant.'

'Oh well the truthful answer is yes I do like you more than that but I don't know if my superiours would allow it.'

'They are allowing Ryan and Sparkle to be together.'  He paused.

'That's true.'

'Can't we at least try?'  There was a long silence and I wondered if I'd pushed too far.

'Yes OK let's try, I'm so sick of being alone.'

'You don't have to be, I'm here.'

The End

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