"You get through then" Ebony asks as Rai sits down smiling. She nods happily.

"Get through what?" I ask. Rai looks at me then gawks silently at Ryan's arm round me. She shakes her head then begins to talk.

"In to this band..... I'm there new lead vocalist" she says smiling.

"Great, I used to sing with a choir but I quit when they tried to make me sing a solo...... I can't take crowds, I can only perform in front of a crowd when I'm playing an intrument" I say smiling.

"I love singing.... what do you play?" Rai asks.

"Umm" I put down my fork and hold up my fingers touching a different one, counting them of as I say them. "Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Guitar and... ummm..... trumpet"

Ebony and Rai stare shocked and even Ryan raises an eyebrow in disbalief.

"I like music" I mutter beginning on my food again and blushing bright red.

"No duh" Ebony almost shouts. "What don't you play?"

"Well, they were the instruments I had completed. I was still practicing Cello, Harp, Trombone, Tuba and Viola"

The three of them go silent.

"I think you over did it Sweet heart" Ryan whispers and I blush bright red.

"Way over did it" Rai whispers. "You're making me look bad"

"No, I'm sure you're way better at singing and I've been practicing with intruments since I was five" I say starting to panic.

"Calm down.... its okay" she says smiling. "I'm just glad I got this place and that I can sing"

"Better not mention the art work" Ryan mutters and then I see him flinch regretting it as soon as the words are out of his mouth.

"You have one minute to get out of my personal space" I say through my teeth and he gets up on his chair moving to sit with the others opposite me.

"What art?" Ebony asks. I glare at Ryan.

"Thanks" I hiss.

'Sorry'' he mouths turning away. I turn back to Ebony and Rai.

"I have what most teachers like to call a natural talent for the Creative Arts" I mutter. "Can we change the subject to what you two are good at?" I plead desperately.

The End

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