Fast or SlowMature


I knew Ryan was a bit miffed from the fact I was keeping it going slow and I saw where he was coming from. He'd lived hundreds of years to fall in love with a girl who wanted to go slow.

I mean if I was in his shoes I'd be way more than a bit miffed. Another problem.... he was doing silent anger.

I mean thats the worsed when you know the person has a right to be angry but just carries on as normal.

I bite the end of my pen constantly through maths and let me tell you that lesson seemed more not fun than usual.

Ryan takes my hand but I feel rage rise in me. I yank it away, grab my bag and storm out of the room.

I don't know why I'm so angry, I just am.

"Spark" Ryan calls but I ignore it and head for the gym. "Spark"

He grabs my arm forcing me to stop. "Whats the matter?" he asks calmly.

"No" I speak through my teeth. "I can tell your angry so just shout, scream, keep your distance just stop giving me the silent treatment"

A few look at us as they walk by. Ryan stares at me no emotion on his face but its tight and with strained.

"Look, I understand why you find it hard to take it slow" I whisper putting a hand to his cheek the other gripping the strap of my backpack. "I understand you've waited a long time but-" I take a deep breath closing my eyes. "-the truth is if we take this fast I'll become more scared"

"Why are you scared?" he whispers. I look at him and I mean really look.

"Because its something new. I've never loved anyone before" I whisper. I watch as his eyes go soft and he pulls me into a hug.

"You don't have to be scared Spark you can trust me" he whispers. He pulls back and looks down at me pushing back a stray hair. Then he leans down and kisses me.

I don't hold back and wrap my arms round his neck..... then strangely he pulls back. He leans close to my ear.

"We angels have a secret. We all have a true name and the first person we speak it to controls us. Mine name Ryanark"

A shiver travels down my spine and I lean back to look in his eyes. "What do you mean control you?" I mutter.

"It means I have to protect you and do what you say for the rest of my life........ and yours my life is bonded to your's. Its the reason Angels don't fall in love with humans usually but..."

"I'm not totally human" I say smiling and I watch him smile back and we kiss.

"I can't wait to get home" he whispers against my lips. Then he takes my hand and pulls me towards the gym block.

My heads in a daze. Did that really just happen?

I look up at Ryan and feel my heart leap. Yep, that deffinetly just happened. Ryan gave me his true name...... his life.

The End

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