I toss around in my bed.  I can't sleep, he's there everytime I close my eyes, his gorgeous face and dazzling smile.  I give up throw back the covers and take a book from the shelf.  It's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe one of my childhood favourites so I walk softly into the living room and settle down in an armchair.

I haven't even finished the first chapter before I fall asleep.  But I still can't escape him, he fills my dreams.  His arms are around me and he is kissing me.  My body shivers with the feeling of his body pressed against mine.

I slowly wake up and Spark is shaking me.

'Rai, time to get up.'  My eyes peel themselves open.

'Alright, I'm awake.'  I drag my heavy body out of the chair.  I want to go back into my dream, it was so lovely.

I looked a bit embarresed at breakast due to my behaviour towards Falcon last night.

'So why were you sleeping in the living room last night?'  Spark looks genuinely concerned that I didn't sleep in my bed.

'I couldn't sleep, I thought if I read for a bit it might calm me down.'

'Well it obviously worked.'  Ryan was looking a little put out this morning.  Maybe he'd had an argument with Spark.

The drive to school didn't take long, as usual and we began our routine.

I was shocked when Falcon came up to me in the corridor as I was heading to lessons with Ebony.

'Hey, Rai I wanted to talk to you about something you might be interested in.'

'Oh really.'  I could feel Ebony trying to surpress a giggle next to me.

'Yes, there are a small group of people setting up a band but they need a female vocalist.  I thought seeing as you enjoyed singing so much you might want to join.'

'That would be...amazing.'

'They're meeting this lunch if you want to join.  They'll be in the music room.'

'Thanks F-Mr Dunbrick.'  He walked off.

'Oh thank you Mr Dunbrick, I love you so much.'  Ebony was mocking me in her high pitched girly voice.  I gave her an elbow in the ribs.

'Shut up!  Let's go to lessons.'

The End

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