"I think you should act naturally like using it is natural" I say to Ebony whose looking slightly miffed that she can't use her powers as easily.

"But you two can do it so easily" Ebony mutters.

"We both have our down falls.... I can't use my powers if I'm scared or upset. And I think you know Rai's" I whisper the last part quietly and yelp when Rai elbows me.

"I can consentrate when he's around" Rai hisses.

"Sure you can" me and Ebony say in unison before bursting out laughing. Rai pouts angrily and lights a flame but it more like a glow.

"Ain't you practicing anymore?" Falcon says. Rai blushes and the glow goes out completely which sends me and Ebony on howls of laughter.

Falcon steps in looking at us confused but smiling and then Ryan comes in and I smile happily at him.

"I think I should go for tonight" Falcon says turning to Ryan and I bet Rai's glad for it cause her face goes slightly sad.

"Well thanks for popping over" Ryan says stressing to say it.

Falcon nods and turns to smile at Rai then me and Ebony.

"I'll see you three at school" he says then leaves. Ryan sighs and I hear the door slam then the flap of wings.

"Flying home?" Ebony says raising an eyebrow.

"It's a lot quicker if you can't teleport" Ryan explains.

"I'm going to bed" Rai mutters getting up and leaving silently.

"Me too" Ebony says jumping up and almost running out the room when Ryan begins to head over.

"Hmm, seems we've put through a bad impression" I mutter.

"No, I think its the fact Ebony feels sick when she's watching us" Ryan laughs.

"Oh" I mutter blushing. Ryan continues to laugh as he sits down and pulls me into his arms.

"Taking this slow is annoying" he mutters and I feel his lips on my neck.

I know I should stop him but it feels so nice I don't bother. His lip travel along my throat up to my jaw line and I turn my head to meet his lips.

I pull back and sigh but stop Ryan when he tries to kiss me again by turning my head. He groans and moves slightly. "You're not allowing me to think straight" I whisper smiling.

"I don't mind" he whisper his lips on my jaw.

"I mind because I want to stick to what I think is right" I say.

Ryan sighs then pulls back and relaxes his arms around me. "Fine" he mumbles. "I still don't like it though"

"Stop being a child, I don't date children" I whisper tapping his lips. He smiles then I snuggle into his chest.

"We should go to bed" he whispers into my hair. "We have school tommorow"

"I can't be bothered to get up" I mutter.

"You could sleep with me and not have to get up"

I look up at him and he smiles micheviously. "You win sherlock" I mutter. I only blink then we're suddenly in his room. I lie next to him, his arms tight around me.

"You have to teach me that" I mutter smiling up at him. He rises a hand to stroke my cheek.

"Tommorow" he whispers kissing my lips softly and groaning when I pull back quickly making it short but sweet.

"Good night" I whisper hiding close to his chest and smiling.

"So not fair" I hear Ryan mumble.

The End

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