I was slightly upset that Falcon disappeared to talk to Ryan as soon as we got back to the house.  I thought he might have wanted to spend a bit more time with me.  Instead I collapsed on the sofa next to Ebony who was in her room watching TV.

'Where did Sparkle go?'

'She needed some air too, you should have been here, Ryan looked so miffed that she didn't ask him to go with her.'  Ebony's relationship with Ryan made me smile, such a brother/sister duo.  'But I'd rather you didn't go off again, I felt like such a third wheel, it was disgusting the way they kept looking at each other.'  She shuddered.

'It's OK next time I decide to disappear you can come with me.'  I laugh and slowly Ebony joins in.

We slowly flick through the channels laughing at stupid adverts.  I'm glad we get on, it would've been horrible to have to spend eternity with two people you hated.

'How's Falcon?'

'He's good.'

'So you're still obsessing over him.'

'I'm not obsessing, that is unfair.'

'OK then sorry, but you do know every other woman is going to fall in love with him too, I don't think he would be able to stay with just one woman.'

'Why do you say that?'

'He's a guy.  More than that he's a guy who has women throwing themselves at his feet, temptation is right there.'  I liked Ebony's honesty but it still hurt.

Sparkle came flying in.

'Ryan and Falcon want to speak with us.  I've found my powers!'  She made a ball of flame appear in her hand.

'Wow.  That's amazing Sparkle.  Can I do that?'  I focus hard trying to picture flames in my hand.  A tiny flame appears, no where near as impressive as Sparkle's but I was still happy with myself.

'Well done Rai.' Sparkle turns to lead us to the living room.  'Oh and I'm just Spark, it's so much easier.'

The End

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