Magic of the spiritMature


"I'm going outside" I mutter leaving the table.

"Can I come?" Ryan asks. I shake my head and he looks at me slightly confused.

"I need quiet" I say smiling. I go an sit down on the grass a meter away from the edge to be safe.

A few minute later Falcon and Rai appear and I can't help but smile when they walk back inside.

I shiver, its quite cold out. I begin to rub my hands together then... Flames burst between them.

I jump yelling then I notice how they remain just in my palms not burning my skin in the slightest. I turn my hands round and as I do I become curious.

I click my fingers and they go out. I can't help but smile and my heart leaps with joy.

I click my fingers on my right hand creating a small flame there. Then I notice its brighter than before.

The more I consentrate and stay calm the more powerful it burns. I begin to get happy and I notice that actually makes it brighter as well.

What was it that Ryan said I was? The Sorcerer of the Spirit. Then I work it out.

The more life a spirit has the more powerful my magic will be. Magic of the spirit.

So that means if I was sad or anything that doesn't make your spirit stronger my magic wouldn't work.

So thats things like fear and sadness. I make myself feel sad and the flame goes out.

Then I bring Ryan to mind and the flame burst out making my jump in shock. Maybe I should have done that slower.

I wonder what else I can do? I click my finger and the flame goes out. I clench my first and think of water.

Water explodes from no where and begins to swirls round my fist. Wow, this is so cool.

I let the water go and it evaporates, which is strange for this tempreture but I have no time to think about it cause I'm so excited.

I run back to the house and knock on Ryan's door.

"Come in" he calls with a bit of anger in his tone. I step in to find him and Falcon standing facing each other.

Ryan turns when he notices its me. "Sparkle" he mutters.

"Umm" I mutter looking at Falcon. "I think I understand how I use my powers"

I hold up a hand and click my fingers creating a flame.

Falcon and Ryan stare shocked.

"Surely this is to soon" Falcon mutters looking at Ryan.

"Yeah.... The Crystal Stars while being the most natural with her gifts should have learned this soon since the amount of power" Ryan whispers.

"Well, I do find it easy" I say. I click my fingers getting rid of the flame and clench my fist water exploding out and swirling round my fist.

"Way to soon" Falcon says dragging the first word out.

"We need to check with the others" Ryan mutters. "Sparkle can you get them in the living room for me please"

"Of course...... Call me Spark if you want its easier" I say. "I'm gonna tell the others to do it as well"

Then quickly I leave going to fetch Rai and Ebony.

The End

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