Always on my mindMature

As soon as school ended and we got home I went to my room.  I had to be alone so I could clear my head, but when I opened my door I took a step back.  It was a different colour, red, just what I wanted it to be, and there was a box on my bed filled with stuff from my house, favourite books, music, posters.  There was a note on top of it.  Surprise!  Hope you like your new room. F 

It had to be him!  I gave a small squeal of delight and began to spin, arms outstreached.  I felt on top of the world, I was in love.

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting my stuf out of the box and putting posters up.  The room started to feel more personal and homely.

Ebony knocked on my door and called me for dinner.  I didn't want to leave my room, I wanted to be alone, listen to music and read, but I had to eat.

Dinner was very quiet.  Something had obviously happened between Sparkle and Ryan because they could barely keep their eyes off each other.  Ebony was moody as usual and I couldn't stop smiling so we made an interesting picture.

'I'm going for a walk after dinner.'  I felt I had to break the silence, but Ryan was immediately alert.

'Where were you going to go?'

'Just down to the beach, I could do with some sea air.'

'OK.'  I could see he wasn't comfortable with it but he couldn't stop me.  'Just don't stay out too long.'

I ran down to the pebbly beach and along the water's edge.  I felt so free, I loved being outdoors, the feel of the wind on my face and the smell of the sea.  I took a deep breath and started to sing. 

Never knew I could feel like this,

like I've never seen the sky before.

Want to vanish inside your kiss.

Everyday I love you more, and more.

I was so focused on my singing I did hear anyone come up behind me until a hand was on my shoulder.

'You have a beautiful voice.'  It was Falcon.

'Um.. thanks.'  What do I say?  'What are you doing here?'

'Just came to check that you were all OK in your new home.  'He smiled.  'And to check you liked your new room.'

'I love it, thank you so much.'

'It was my honour.  Would you sing a bit more for me, it's my favourite song and you sing it so well.'

'Um.. yeah...sure.'  I cleared my throat, God I was so nervous, I had never sung for anyone properly before.

Come what may,

Come what may,

I will love you until my dying day!

'Beautiful.'  For a moment I thought he was going to kiss me.  'Shall we go back in?  It's getting a bit chilly.'  I didn't want to go in but I was shivering, it had been colder than I thought.  'I would offer you my jacket but I didn't bring one.'

'That's OK, I was going to start heading back soon anyway.'  We walked slowly back up towards the house as the stars started coming out overhead.

The End

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