In love with an Angel.... LiterallyMature


The next lesson was Classical Civilisations and usually I would have found it really interesting but I sat tapping my pen leaning my head on my other hand. I couldn't get the fact that Rai liked Falcon out of my head.

Why am I being so harsh on her when I'm in love? I mean, I look slightly over at Ryan whose staring directly at the board, Ryan's an angel and I have slight hope of pairing up with him.....

But Ebony's right sort of, Falcon seems to be just concentrating on the job at hand.

"Write down the paragraph on the board class" the teacher calls which also is the coach of the football team. I found that out when a boy down front was talking to him.

I sigh and begin to write down the paragraph on the board about Perserphone. I usually love studying about Greek gods but.... Uh, I can't concentrate.

I sit back when I finish way ahead of the class. Then the rest of the class passes by like a dream till the bell goes.

I jump at the sound of it. "You okay?" Ryan asks taking my hand. I nod and look up at him smiling slightly.

"Just worried about Rai" I tell him as we walk off heading towards the car park.

"You shouldn't be Falcon will notice sooner or later and he's not so cold hearted that he would turn someone who actually loves him down....... He avoids falling in love with humans himself usually cause of their short life span. But with you three there's nothing to worry about" Ryan says calmly.

"What you mean?" Ebony asks jumping at us with Rai following slowly behind her. Ryan looks at her.

"What about short life spans don't us three have to worry about?" Ebony asks.

"You're all immortal you turned on your sixteenth birthday" Ryan tells us opening the door for me.

When everyone is in the car he starts the engine and turns on to the road..

"Really?" Rai asks.

"Yeah, it's the same with angels except at 18" he says calmly.

“That's soooo cool” Ebony gasps almost like her eyes sparkle.

“Yeah, but after a while things get lonely” he whispers. I open my mouth to say something but we pull into the drive way. Everyone gets out and Ryan takes my hand walking slightly ahead.

He lets go for a second to open the door then lets Ebony and Rai go first so he can take my hand again.

Ebony goes to the living room while Rai goes off to her room. I stop forcing Ryan to as well. He turns to look at me tilting his head slightly and looking confused

“Can we talk?” I mutter. “Privately”

He nods and take me into his room which is mostly cream and brown. He sits down on the bed gesturing the space next to him.

“What do you want to talk about?” he asks.

“You know in the car when you were talking about immortality” I look at him and he nods sort of saying that I should continue. “You said it was lonely”

“It is” he says simply. “To spend eternity alone does start to make you feel lonely after the first few hundred years”

I swallow the lump in my throat. “Also today in the office when we were talking to Falcon you said his magic doesn't work on those already in love then you looked directly at me” I mutter.

He looks at me calmly and puts a hand on my cheek. “Yes I did” he whispers.

“What did you mean by that?” I ask feeling my heart begin to race. His expression softens and he leans in close pressing his lips to mine.

I feel his hands move to my waist and wrap mine round his neck. I pull back slightly and keep my eyes closed leaning my forehead on his.

"We should take this slower" I whisper.

"I don't want to I've wait hundreds of years for you" he mutters. My heart lurches and I open my eyes to look in his.

"Well, if you've waited that long you can wait a little bit longer" I whisper. He sighs and pulls me on to his lap holding me to his chest.

"If that's what you want" he whispers into my hair. And we remain like that till Ebony calls us for tea.

The End

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