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Falcon was all that filled my head until lunchtime when I sat in the dining hall with the others picking at my food.

'Would you quit with the goo-goo eyes Rai!'  Ebony was fed up.  'He isn't going to get involved with you in a million years!'  That hurt.

'Don't you think I'm pretty enough for him.'  I threw my hair back from its usual place hanging in front of my face and looked defiantly at her.

'That's not what I meant, he's just too focused on the job to get involved.'

'Well I'm seeing him next lesson so we'll see.'  I could hear Sparkle whisper to Ebony,

'Don't worry, I'll watch her.'

'I resent that Sparkle, I don't need watching, I know what I'm doing.'  Saved by the bell.  I got ri of my lunch tray, shouldered my bag and headed to history, my new favourite subject.

He was there when we arrived and directed us to the empty desk at the back.  History had always fascinated me and now my teacher was drop dead gorgeous it was about ten times more interesting.

I tried to answer as much as possible, hoping to impress him.  But maybe I was doing it wrong and should pretend I didn't care?  The topic was World War One which I had just been studying so I found I could answer the questions he asked and by the end of the lesson I was feeling pleased with myself.

He smiled at me as we went for our next lesson and my heart started to flutter and I got an elbow in the ribs from Sparkle when I waved at him.

'Don't be like that here, no-one can know how close we are.'  I could tell Sparkle was going to take on Ryan's job of nagging us to stay inconspicuous when he wasn't around.

'Stop being such a bore, I was only being friendly.'  I swept my hair back and walked off down the corridor towards my final lesson.

The End

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