Are headteachers an Angel?..... Okay thenMature


"Right, formality aside" Mr Dunbrick says sitting down in the large leather chair behind a large Victorian desk. We're in his office and there a two red fabric seats. I sit with Ryan still gripping his hand but it's more he's gripping mine now which is making my heart race. "My name's Falcon and its such a pleasure to meet the Three Stars"

"Thank you" I say jumping in stopping Ryan from saying something.... but I don't know why. I look at him and give him an upset sort of look. He sighs and turns his head to look out the window.

"Why you must be the Crystal Star?" Falcon says holding out his hand. I take it in a firm shake and he smiles.

"Yeah" I mutter.

"Pleased to meet you as I said before" he says flicking a glance at my hand which is holding Ryan's. I see him smile smugly before turning to the others.

"And you two are the Night and Golden Stars" Falcon says addressing Rai and Ebony. I watch as Rai blushes and I feel Ryan grip tighten.

"Stop it" he hisses. Falcon turns to look at him and smiles.

"As you wish" he says clicking his fingers. I watch as Rai and Ebony blink then shake their heads.

"What was that?" I ask Ryan.

"Falcon has a power that makes anyone who looks at him fall totally in love with him.... unless they're already in love" Ryan mutters and I swear for a second he really looked at me, properly looked.

"Yeah, well its useful" I turn to look at Falcon. He seems to have changed appearance and I can finally concentrate on his looks.

Sharp featured face, skinny arms but muscular arms and legs, flaming red hair and electric yellow eyes. Then behind him just like Ryan are two large powerful wings. He has his feet crossed up on the desk.

"Okay that felt weird" Ebony says. "Like I had a cloud over my head"

"Same" Rai mutters but I still see her eyes widen at Falcon's looks..... Maybe her love is genuine.

"Don't take it personal it's just fun" Falcon says shrugging.

"Yeah, like you think every single girl you see is yours to play with" Ryan hisses.

"Hey, I'm where the cupid myth comes from I help people find there actual partners" Falcon says.

“Will you two stop arguing?” I shout I turn and look at Ryan glaring slightly “God, it's enough with you and Ebony squabbling like little children but to see you fighting with another guy”

“That's low” Ebony says finishing my sentence.

“Exactly” I mutter sitting back and looking out the window.

“Well....” Falcon trails of for a second before continuing. “Seems like I'm not the only one that doesn't fall and worship Ryan the Guardian”

I feel Ryan flinch.

“The What?” Rai asks.

“The-” A forcefield appears round his head and Falcon turns to smile at Ryan.

“The Guardian. I'm a protector the chosen angel to watch the Stars.... you lot” Ryan explains. The forcefield disappears and Falcon smiles shaking his head.

“I could have explained that for you” he says.

“And added some smart arsed comment, no thanks” Ryan hissed. Just then the bell goes. Falcon clicks his finger and once again I can't put a description to him just that he isn't the flamed haired angel I saw a second ago.

“Well, I'll see you later Rai” Falcon says bringing his feet off the desk and sitting straight.

“Why?” Rai asks blushing but Ryan just studies Rai without a comment.

“I'll be your History teacher.... yours as well Sparkle” he says nodding at me and I feel Ryan tighten his grip again making my heart flutter. “Now get off to your second lessons sorry to have made you miss your first”

Then with that we walk out of the office. "Seems like he doesn't need to use his powers on Rai" Ryan mutters.

The End

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