Fire BellMature


"Hey Ebony" I mutter. "Hey Rai"

They run up to us and stop for breath.

"Are all of you related?" the popular girl asks. "My name's Tisha by the way I don't need to know your's since I've already got them"

"No, we..... sort of moved here recently. That was our decided last name" Ryan says calmly.

"Oh" she seems angry at this and looks at the tiny gap between me and Ryan and bares her teeth at me before smiling. "If you need any help getting round school or town I'll be happy to help"

She directs it soully at Ryan before walking of hips swinging.

"Bitch" Ebony mutters under her breath and I can't help but smile at her.

"What's with a fire bell on the first day back?" Rai mutters rubbing her arms slightly. I must admit even with my jacket it's quite chilly.

"It's there standard procedure" Ryan says looking behind me. I turn to see a man walking out on to the field.

He looks quite young but has a posture that sort of shows authority. As he approaches even one becomes silent and turn to face him.

"Right, everyone's out?" he turns to a female teacher who looks about fifty.

I watch her blush and check her list. "Yes Mr Dunbrick, Sir" she says looking like a school girl trying to please her first crush.

Wow, seems most of the top students are acting the same.

"He's quite cute" Rai whispers.

"Don't" Ryan hisses back. "He's an angel thats why we came here"

He says it quietly so we can only just her.

"Really?" Ebony says looking the headteacher up and down. "I don't see anything except good looks"

"He's a cloaker" Ryan mutters. "Aka, apperance changing"

"That's a good apperance change" Rai says.

"You should see his real one" Ryan mutters and I see the cold look in his eyes. I grip his hand and he looks down at me.

"Don't get angry" I mutter. He stares confused then his face softens and he nods.

"Alright back inside guys" Mr DunBrick shouts. "Oh, you four"

He points at us and I fidget slightly. "I need to speak with you" he says flashing a smile and I swear if she could Rai would have fainted like another girl behind us.

The End

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