Room 15Mature

Me and Rai link arms and go to our class. Our outfits are almost identical, except my skirt is blue as well as black and she has loads of bangles. We reach a door with a little metal sign that has 15 engraved on it. Rai knocks and we go in. The teacher looks at us and says "Oh hello, you must be Rai and Ebony Night, you can have the seats at the back, over there." I follow Rai and sit down. 

"Everyone keeps looking at us," Rai whispers in my ear.

"Rai, we're both tall, slim compared to most of them except those practically anorexic chavs over there, complete opposites even though to them we have the same last name. We're new, and we joined halfway through the term. No one knows who the hell we are," I whisper back, whilst watching the teacher explaining something. Then suddenly a shrill siren wails, I recognise it as a fire alarm. Everyone gets up and leaves, me and Rai follow then to the car park. I see Sparkle and Ryan and run over to them.

The End

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