Uh, girl troubleMature


We walked in to school trying to stay calm. I think the other two were ignoring Ryan behind us especially Ebony... They really don't get along and I'm gonna have to fix that.

Glances are thrown at us and I can't but help hind in to Ryan side. "Are you okay?" he asks looking down at me.

"I hate being watched" I mutter. We reach the recption and get signed in.

"I've got Maths, Room 15" Ebony says.

"Me too, You Sparkle?" Rai asks. I shake my head.

"Room 12" I mutter, great I'm going to be al-

"Me too" I look up at Ryan and he shows me his time table.

"Great at least we're paired off and I don't have to be with him" Ebony says. "Meet you guys at lunch"

"See you later" Rai says. They link arms and walk off down the hallway. I sigh and turn to Ryan.

"Shall we go then?" I ask. He nods and we walk down the hallway silently. I spot quite a few girls gawking at Ryan and that just makes me feel a whole lot worse.

"So... you're taking this more calmly than the others" Ryan says.

"I suppose its cause I knew slightly knew. My parents died when I was three and there was no other family. I grew up with my guardian Jenny.... She was nice but never seemed to be around. I had to look after myself really" I say looking up and straight down the corridor before tilting my head to look straight at him.

He stares back sadness in his eyes. "I'm sorry" he says. We reach the class room and stop and I push back a stray strand of hair.

"Don't be, it wasn't your fault" I say smiling. "Besides I'm use to it"

I walk round him and into the class room. I approach the teacher and hand him my slip.

"Okay, Class. We have two new students with us today. Ryan and Sparkle Night" the teacher tells the class.

"Why Night?" I hiss to Ryan.

"Stars come out mostly at Night" he whispers back.

I see a girl near the center most of the crowd around her looking at Ryan calmly with a look in her eye which means she's planing something. She must be the popular girl. Her hair is unnaturally blond and her eyes a pale blue.

"You two can take the seats at the back" The teacher says gesturing the back seats dismissively and turning to the board.

I walk quickly up the isle jumping over stuck out legs. I drop myself into the chair and sigh dropping my bag lightly on the floor.

"That went well" Ryan says sitting down and leaning back.

"A girl a few seat forward keeps looking at you" I tell him nodding to the girl who keeps looking over her shoulder.

"Yeah.... slightly annoying she's not my type" he says closing his eyes.

"What are?" I ask studying him. He opens his eyes slightly and smiles.

"That would be telling" He says.

"Mr Night care to answer the last question?" the teacher shouts. He's obviously seen us talking and while I've not been paying attention Ryan has.

"53.89" he calls and I watch the girl ahead move slightly smiling. The teacher is left dumbfounded so he continue's on today's work.

"Consentrate" Ryan whispers.

The End

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