We'll stay togetherMature

I go back to my room and see that all the clothes have turned darker colours, black, midnight blue, even a few dark purpley red pieces. I pull out a pair of midnight pyjamas and put them on, and I'm asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow.


Light streams in through the window, and I can't be bothered to get up. I'm definitely not morning person, especially now. There is a knock on the door. 

"Go away," I mumble into the pillow.

"Come on Ebony, you're going to be late," Ryan says through the door. I groan and get up. A mirror has appeared on the wardrobe and my hair looks worse than it ever has before. I grab a brush and start frantically brushing it. The I open the wardrobe and pick out a black and midnight blue plaid miniskirt and a black elbow length t-shirt. I then hunt down some red ribbon and tie the top layer of my hair into loose bunches, and leave the rest hanging loose. I leave the room and go find the others. When I do Rai says "Don't you think that'll make you stand out a bit too much?" 

"Will it? Oh," I say, but then Ryan says "Come on get in the car." We all do and then Ryan drives off. 

"Hey guys? Let's stick together," I say to Rai and Sparkle. They agree and I stare out the window.

The End

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