I look around the room scanning the bookshelfs and looking out the bay window with a window seat. The Bedroom side of the house is made of wood.... for privacy of course.

I open a wardrobe to find an array of clothes. I grab a shirt with a butterfly pattern sort of thing on it and a pair of jeans.

I barely register the fact that they are from one of the most expensive shops..... in paris!

I slip them on and hear a knock at the door. I pull down the shirt. "Come in" I call.

Ryan steps in and he almost radiates anger. "Wow, someones moody" I mutter.

"No point talking about it" he says stepping in and closing the door. I pull the hair out from underneath the t-shirt.

"Ebony?" I ask raising an eyebrow and putting a hand on my hip while letting the other just hang.

"Yeah" he mutter. He turns and opens the door.  "We need to meet in the living room"

"Okay" I walk towards him and we walk to the living room to find the others already waiting.

"All of you sit down please" Ryan mutters. We sit down on the lovely black leather couch and Ryan stands in front of us.

"Okay, I suppose I should tell you the basic's..... Your the Three Stars. A set of powerfully born sorcerrer's. One for mind, body and spirit."

"But where do Angel's come into this?" Ebony asks with slight anger.

"We were the ones who discovered the prophecy of your births. We named you as well. The Night Star, the Sorcerrer of the Body" he says gesturing Ebony and she scoffs slightly.

"Trust me to get that" she says folding her arms and resting back

"The Golden Star, the Sorcerrer of the Mind" Ryan continues gesturing Rai. She fidgets slightly then smiles.

"And the Crystal Star, the Sorcerrer of the Spirit" He whispers gesturing me and I feel my heart leap when our eyes connect. He quickly looks away to continue. "Your more commenly known to your species as Psychic's and while some humans may have small abilities you will be able to master them all in your own way"

"Why do we have these gifts?" I ask.

"Cause of Titan" He says. "Titan is a sort of.... Fallen Angel. Angels have existed since the first breth of this planet was born. We have watched it grow and also your kind..... but like all species with individual thoughts not all of us were pleased with what we had"

"So he's the sort of baddy?" Ebony asks. Her anger seems to have faded replaced by interest.

"Yeah, sort of he's the leader of the Fallen Angel's their group being called Apocalypse"

"How Ironic?" Ebony mutters.

"But..... what do you expect us to do?" Rai asks.

"I was sent to find you and train you. This place was built for you to live in. We're are on the cost of scotland-"

"Wait a secound that ride was only half an hour long at most and we were in London a few minutes ago" Ebony shouts sitting up straight.

"Angel's can also do magic, I have spells to teleport and create things" Ryan says simply. "I also do force field and have Telekinesis"

"So..... you expect us just to leave our family's and friends. Stop going to school and stay here" Rai mutters.

"You don't have a choice if you want your family to live..... and you'll still be going to school"

"We don't have a choice do we?" Ebony mutters, then she snaps back to her usual self and screams "You expect us to do all this fuck and still go to school"

Talk about drama. I think I'm gonna like it here.

The End

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