I walk into my room and look around. Beige walls, cream carpet. Not bad, but I prefer darker colours. I'll have to get some paint, black maybe, or midnight blue. I go over to the pine wardrobe and open it.

If this was a cartoon, my lower jaw would have fallen off.

The wardrobe is bursting with every single item of clothing imaginable.

In pink.

I HATE pink.

"RYAN!!!!!" I shout, storming out of the room. The angel is there in an instant.

"Yes?" he says, as if he can't see how pissed off I am. This just makes me madder, and I burst out yelling.

"WHY THE HELL ARE ALL THE CLOTHES IN MY WARDROBE FUCKING PINK? YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE, DIDN'T YOU, YOU STUPID ANGEL!" I feel my face getting redder and redder as I say this, until I feel like I must look like a tomato. Ryan just smirks, until I've finished, when he just looks like he's about to sjout, but doesn't, just turns and disappears off in the other direction. He looks like he's about to explode from anger. Serves him right.

The End

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