Three Girls.... and an AngelMature


Ryan jumped back in the car another girl getting in the back. I turn round. "Hiya" I say smiling.

Ryan takes of his jacket that he put on to get out and the girl in the back gasps seeing his wings. But he ignore it and begins to drive off.

"Yeah, Ryan's an Angel" I hold out my hand and she shakes it. "I'm Sparkle"

"Rai" The girl says shaking my hand.

"I'm Ebony" Ebony says it moodily and I shake my head at her.

"It was a fight you were never going to win" I say simply.

"What are you on about?" Rai asks looking confused.

"These two fight like theres no tommorow..... like sibling conflict" I say adding the last part after silent thought.

"I would die if I was his sister" Ebony mutters.

"That feeling mutual" Ryan mutters under his breath. Ebony kick the back of his seats but he just takes it and continues driving.

"Where are we going?" Rai asks she seems terified.

"Umm, I'm not sure but I think we are going to get an explanation why all three of us were born on new years night and all turned sixteen today.... And the fact that he keeps calling us stars" I say gesturing Ryan at the end with my thumb.

"The Golden Star" Rai chokes out.

"The Night Star" Ebony mutters.

"And The Crystal Star..... what the fuck does it mean?" I say angry now.

"We're here" Ryan mutters pulling up. We all cram up to the window and I can't help but let my jaw drop.

Ryan gets out and its like a signal to all three of us to begin scrambling out. My feet hit the pavement and I stand staring up at the luxurious bungalow.

"Umm, how the fuck did we get to the sea side?" Rai shouts and it's only then I take in the atmosphere.

The house's walls are mostly made of glass and the whole place rests just at a cliffs edge.

"We can talk her" Ryan mutters heading up the path towards it. I run to catch up and shiver. "It's warm in there and if you need any clothes there's clean one's in there"

"I'm not wearing mens clothes" Ebony mutters.

"I didn't say they were mine..... this place is for you" he opens the door and we walk in. "Find a room and meet me in the living room here in half an hour"

Ryan moves off and we all look at each other. The first door on the right closes and I jump slightly.

"Well, there seems to be enough doors" Rai mutters. I look down the hallway two on the left and four on the right. The ones on the left are spaced largely apart.

"Let's look around then shall we" Ebony says heading to the first door on the left, which turns out to be an open living and kitchen area.

"This guy must be rich" Rai mutters. I nod.

We later find out that the other door on the left is a large bathroom. Then the three doors on the right that we are allowed to look in turn out to be bedrooms.

We dare not go into the last one near the door cause we seem to work out that it's Ryan's.

I take the room secound down, Rai the third and Ebony the last. Now, all there is to do is wait.

The End

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