"My name's Sparkle" I say smiling as she walks over to sit on the bed.

"Ebony" she mutters.

"Well, I don't know much. Ryan hasn't told me much" I say perching on the bed next to her and I watch Ryan go lean against a wall.

God, I think I'm falling for him. "Anyway, he's told me there are Three Star's. The Night Star, The Golden Star and The Crystal Star, which is me.... and thats basically all I know. That and Ryan standing over there is a fucking angel" I tell her.

"Bad use of language" he says. "We need to go" he says standing up. A key is suddenly in his hand and he heads for the door.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" the girl says running in front of Ryan.

"Don't worry, your family saw me walk up the stairs" he says calmly.

"You came through the window" she shouts. Something tell me these to are more like arguing siblings than strangers...... although when I met Ryan I felt a slight pull. In a completely different way.

"I've used magic, now can we please get to the car we need to find the last one" he says calmly. He turns and take my hand and Ebony steps aside hesitantly.

We walk out the door, down the hall and pass the family in the living room.

"Don't stay out to late Ebony" a voice calls.

"I won't" Ebony shouts back. She grabs her coat, keys and phone and follows us outside just as Ryan is opening the front door passanger seat for me to get in. The car is sleek and I think a mercades

"So" Ebony says jumping in the back of the black car. "Where we going?"

"Um, not so sure" he says pulling out on to the road.

"What?" Ebony hisses. I turn away smiling. "Don't you dare-"

"How about we sing happy birthday to you both" he says interupting her.

"It's your birthday to?" she asks. I nod and turn round to smile at her.

"I think its all our birthdays"

The End

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