I shove the last of the wrapping paper into the blue paper bin, then hurry back inside. It's a cold night, and my birthday. Typical, just typical. I go up to my room and lay my presents out on my bed. My shoulder blade midnight hair falls into my onyx black eyes, and I tuck it behind my ears. On the duvet there is a pair of black skinny jeans, five book vouchers, a copy of Lord Sunday, a pair of silver converse laces and my favorite present, a  hematite pendant. I fasten it round my neck just as my alarm goes off for midnight. I go to the window to watch the fireworks, then leap back immediately as a winged man with burning red hair and blue eyes carrying a girl with silver hair and eyes suddenly appears in front of the glass. He opens the sealed frame with ease, and steps into the room.

"You are the Night star, I presume?" he says, looking at me.

"The what?" I say, confused. The silver girl seems unfazed.

"I'll explain, though I barely understand myself," she says.

The End

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