Three StarsMature

Three children are born on exactly the same night on midnight exactly between the new year. Now 16 years later there birthday arrives quietly. The day they turn 16 everything changes.


I smile as a group comes out of a bar screaming 'happy new year'.

"Happy new year" I shout back and they all cheer. I smile again.

"Happy birthday Sparkle" I mutter to myself pushing back a stray strand of my long silver hair, that shines like stare light.

"Happy birthday" I turn to see a boy leant against a wall in an alleyway. He's in the shadows but I can just work out what he looks like. He has hair as red as fire and his eyes burn bright like blue flames.

He's bulky from muscles and is quite tall. He pushes himself off the wall and moves into the rays of the streetlights.... It's then I see them.

Huge white wings burst out from his back but folded closely. I gasp and step back but I didn't realise how close he was.

He takes my wrist and I just stare shocked into his eyes.

"Who are you?" I ask quietly. His eyes flash lightly and I stare at him cooly with my crystal silver eyes, eyes like the stars, staring straight back.

"My name is Ryan.... and you must be the Crystal star" he mutters looking down at me, I'm petite and small but don't think I'm weak.

"The Crystal what?" I ask confused.

"The Crystal star, there are three you see. The Golden star, The Night star and The Crystal star. Gold, Black and Silver" he whispers.

"But.... what do you mean by that?" I ask.

"This is hardly the right place to be discussing this" he says pulling me closer to him.

"Where should we talk?" I mutter starting to feel nervous as my heart starts to race and my palms become sweaty.

I realise his touch is cool will feel like his hands are bursting with energy. He smiles, spins my round wraps his arms round my waist and take off into the air.

I scream at first but then cling to Ryan's arms like a life line. I hear him chuckle.

"Don't worry you won't fall" he whispers in my ear his lips touching my neck. It's then I notice that I'm being pulled down by gravity but am being magnetized to Ryan's body keeping me straight like I'm lying down on my belly.

"Wow" I gasp looking down at the road.

"It is amazing isn't it" Ryan whispers in my ear. He flies gracefully around buildings.

"Won't someone see us?" I ask.

"We're cloaked" he whispers. I nod then continue to look down at the ground and cars below.

The End

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