Three Questions

This was written for the flash fiction February challenge, which was to write a piece of flash fiction about what happened after the end of a fairy tale.
I decided to use the story of Cinderella.

The sunlight streamed through the window of the highest chamber in the castle. It was called the honeymoon suite because the light from the full moon lit up the room beautifully once a month. The prince's eyelids slowly opened as the sunlight hit his face. It was nearing noon, but that was alright for a newly married couple.

As he remembered where he was his face lit up with a contented smile. He turned to his most beautiful princess and wrapped his arm around her. He smiled as he watched her sleep.

The words of a lover flowed from his lips “I love you are all mine, dearest, and I'm all yours....” and on he continued like most lovers do; however, since this would only bore you, reader, we will not record it here.


He then proceeded to do this for quite a while, staring into her pure, radiant face. He watched as her lips started curling up with laughter and redoubled his efforts. Soon she was laughing outright at him. The two of them giggled like young lovers for quite a while, which wasn't surprising, because they were.

Then he pulled a mock serious face.

“So I have a question.”

“Only one?” She teased

“Wait, let me count... I think I could make that three or more if you would like.”

“Do I only have to answer once? Three for the price of one?”

They laughed at their own joke for a while.

“Well now you have asked me three questions so I can ask you three.”
“But they weren't real questions.”

And they continued on this strain for at least half an hour.

Finally they exhausted all other options and faced the question.

“Why did you need to leave the ball so early?”

She was silent, her thoughts racing. What could she possibly say that would answer all his questions?

A line from Alice in Wonderland came to mind. “And, dear, curtsy while you think.” She smiled mischievously to hide her feint.

“Because if I didn't leave right then my coach wouldn't have waited for me, and then I would have no way to get home!”

“I would have made sure you had a ride home.” insisted the prince.

“Yes but at that point I wasn't sure that you would.”

“Indeed, I loved you from the first time I set eyes on you! Could you not see that?”

And so the conversation continued for many more minutes.

The princess was so relieved. She had survived the dreaded question, in fact, she had won. The prince's question was answered satisfactorily, and she had managed to phrase it in such a way as to distract him from questioning her further.

She teased him again: “What about the other two questions?”

He just laughed.

Ella insisted upon some sort of reply.

“I'm sure I'll think of something good later.” he smiled. “I think they will be expecting us down for supper soon dearest.”

So much for coming out free and clear, she thought.


The time did arrive when he asked the second question.

''So if your family is so poor, where did you get the beautiful glass slippers? They were exquisite.”

Oh no she thought. I knew this would happen. I think I'm going to need a delay tactic on this one.

“Where did the beautiful glass slippers come from?”

What could I say? She thought. It has to be something that makes sense with my dress.

“Same place as I got the dress from.”

“Which is?”
Now I am cornered, she thought. This is it.

In a split second she decided that the best path would be to stick as close as possible to the truth.

“From my godmother.”

“From your godmother.” He said, incredulous.

“Yeah.” She insisted.

He paused and thought for a moment.

“Yeah I guess that does make sense. Your rich godmother is able to buy you better clothes than your stepsisters, especially since your stepmother will not take care of you.”

“Something like that.” Ella smiled with relief.

“Well, you've answered what I was going to ask as my third question, which was about your dress. But now I've got another one. Why haven't I met your amazing, rich godmother?”
“Because she's a recluse” Ella teased.

“Really? Why?”
“Hey thats two more questions!”

“Yeah but your first answer wasn't good enough.”
“All right. The reason is because she doesn't want my stepsisters to find out who she is.” Which was, at least, partly true. “Otherwise they would insist upon the same treatment as I got. She really cannot afford to make three girls beautiful.”
“But I thought you said she is rich?”
“She is, but not that rich.”
“Perhaps she would like to be introduced to the results of her efforts?”

“You mean, you want to be introduced to her?” When he nodded she continued. “Well, she already knows you, but she plans to remain a secret. I won't be needing her help anymore, now that I've got you to take care of me.” she said lovingly. They shared an intimate kiss. “Any more questions we need to get out of the way?” Ella teased him.

“No I think that will be all for now.” He said, staring into her beautiful eyes. No words were needed to express their feelings for each other, and none will be recorded here.

Like all fairy tale princes and princesses they lived happily together the rest of their life, although the prince never did figure out who Ella's godmother was.

The End

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