Chapter Three

The young girl hauled him out onto the mossy floor by the waterfall's pool. His nakedness did not seem to phase her as she rested his head upon a clover patch. The girls eyes scanned the area, and zoned in on Emery's clothing. She placed the cloak gently over his body. 

The girl lifted up one of Emery's sopping wet golden locks and examined it. She then looked at her own hair which was of a similar length. Only her hair was a dull silver.

As she stared at him, she began to wonder if he was dead. She moved toward him slowly, cautiously as though she expected him to make a sudden lunge at her. She pressed an ear to his cool chest and was relieved to hear the steady beating of his heart. 

She felt a little guilty about dealing that blow to the head, but she didn't know who he was or what he was doing near her caves.

'Ow.' Emery grunted as he stirred, his hand went straight to the back of his head; gently pressing  four fingers to the wound.

'I am sorry.' The girl said quietly, 'you are a stranger.'

'Indeed I am. But I'm not so much of a stranger that you should attack me!' Emery scolded the young girl. But something felt wrong about scolding her - although she beheld the innocence of child, her eyes told Emery a different story. They were the eyes of a young women, not a child. 

'I am sorry.' She repeated, 'in return for my insolence, I will share with you my home for the night so you may rest yourself.'

'I am really very grateful 

'Then the Fates have brought us together, my friend. I am also in dire need to get to the Eastern Cities.' The girl smiled, not allowing him to interject his own opinion she asked quickly, 'what am I to call you, traveller?'

'I have dealt with many names in my lifetime.' Emery smiled, 'but I believe people refer to me as Emery Ora. And what am I to call you ?' 

'I bear no name. It was taken from me.' The girl said quietly, 'I cannot enforce my opinion upon the God's and I was punished for trying - and I fell.' 

'Fell from where?' Asked Emery curiously. 

'My place in the Sky.' She said simply, 'I was a Moon.' 

Emery shot upwards, moving away from the girl. Ignoring the dizzying pain from his head.

'I am afraid I must part from you!' He said quickly.


'I have orders not to touch the moon.' 

'I want to go with you.'

'You cannot, girl.' Emery sighed, rubbing his temples. He bent over the water pool and splashed water over his wound. 

'I will follow you.' She insisted. 

'Leave now before you are punished for your-'

'Please be calm, Emery Ora.' A soft voice whispered by his ear, 'this girl is to travel with you. She is not the Forbidden Moon.' 

'I understand, Wind.' Emery nodded, 'come, child, we have many places to travel in such little time.'

The End

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