Chapter Two

Emery collapsed onto the lush, dew-sodden grass. He lay there for a long while, taking in all of the scents of everything around him. His parched throat gulped in the cool air greedily. After he'd found the portal to the Garna Mountain Range, he soon found himself immersed in the damp greenery of the Eastern Lands.

He lay very still for a moment and the round of rushing water reached his ears. He leaped up, eager to reach the source of the sound. A few hundred meters down from where Emery had fallen, a spectacular waterfall glimmered as though it were encrusted with a thousand and one crystals. Emery threw down his hood, and tugged off his attire quickly.  His curled, golden blonde hair tumbled down his back all the way down to his hips in a was not dissimilar from the waterfalls movement. 

He pushed himself off from the edge of the waterfalls glorious turquoise pool. Emery swam around, completely submerged in the blissfully cool depths, feeling replenished. His head erupted from the surface with a loud splashing noise. Emery kicked his legs impatiently as he swam towards the waterfall, he stood up underneath it. The roaring sound in his ears was pleasantly calming, yet exhilarating. He tilted his head up and allowed the falling water to pour into his greedy mouth.

Emery closed his eyes in a moment of foolishness, and not two seconds after he'd shut his lids, he received a, aggressive  blow to the head.   

Emery didn't choke as the water forced it's way into his lungs, instead - even though he was in his subconcious state of mind - , he accepted it. Willing it to fill his chest and free him of his life which was damned with eternity. 

But the Sun God would allow no such thing, something would always stand in the way of his death. But this time, it was no creature of the Sun God... it was a girl who dragged him from the depths in which he was sinking further into.

The End

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