Three Moons, and a Sun

Emery Ora is the Wise Man - he is the eyes and hands of the Sun God. One day, he comes across a village which claimed to be plagued by a ferocious demon with huge, feathery white wings. Emery sets out to find the "demon" but soon discovers that all is not as it seems...

Emery sat down on a rock, the sun beating down on his back - watching his every move. His scarlet hooded cloak wasn't doing him any good favours in the sweltering heat, either. 

Sighing, he set down the water container next to the rock he was perched on. He couldn't stop for long, the Wind had told him East was the way he had to go. Emery pondered over what he was to encounter in the Eastern Lands, he was also excited to see the rolling hills of Garna which he had not visited for a long while. 

Emery's ocean blue eyes scanned the horizon for any stream or river that he could stop by to wash at and fill his water container. But he saw nothing of the sort, the barren plains of Wertia were certainly living up to all the things he had heard about them. 

He glanced down at his feet, they would be healed soon enough. That was something he could look forward to on his trip. As Emery stood up, he found his foot was pierced by a sharp object. He winced and lifted up his foot, but what he pulled out of his foot sole was the last thing he expected to find in a dessert. The tip of a unusually large, pure white dove feather had managed to pierce his thick soles.

Emery frowned, his brows furrowed deeply. He pocketed the feather, sensing that it would be of use to him when he went to Garna.

And soon after he had drunk the last drops of liquid from his container, he began his tiring trek towards the lush lands of Garna. Whilst he walked, he considered if such an environment could be the end of his immortal soul. Then chuckled, the Sun God would not let him so so easily. The lives of many mortals relied on his unnaturally long life.

'I wonder if I shall ever be able to greet death?' Emery asked aloud, he wasn't shocked when Wind suddenly appeared at his side, smirking broadly.

'Not in this century, nor the next. But you have already been witness to many centuries that have passed.' Wind whispered, 'you should be happy the Sun God chose you.'

'Wind... if you are not here to help me, I'd rather you were not here at all.' Emery said smoothly, walking around the Divine being who had stepped in front of him.

'Well, I see you are as jolly as always.' Wind rolled his eyes dramatically, 'I am here on formal business today, Emery Ora. You are to continue travelling East, but I have been told that whatever you do, you must not touch the Moon.'

Emery nodded, he was used to cryptic orders. He had been receiving them for four hundred years now. Had it really been that long, though Emery, so long since I had a lover, and children?

When Emery looked up, Wind was already gone. This didn't surprise him in the least, Wind was a whimsical creature. He had no place in particular he needed to be, but at the same time, he was needed everywhere at every moment of the day. 

The young warlock looked out onto the seemingly endless horizon and his shoulders slumped, his journey East would be a long one.

The End

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