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The pigs scampered down  the  garden  path  shouting with  glee.   Perky  put  his motorbike inside the shed and  locked the door behind  him.

Once safely  indoors  the pigs unpacked  the  shopping bags.  Pepsi  decided  to  make a  fire,  it was  chilly in  his  little house.  He grumbled  as  he  struggled  to  light  the damp paper amongst the  pieces  of  wood in  the grate. A tiny  flame  began  to  grow and  before long the fire was burning  bright.   

            A  dark  shadow  crept  towards  the  house.  Wolf  sniggered,  now he  was going to blow down  this little  brick  house, once  and for  all!

            Wolf  stood  at  the front of  the house, puffed  out his cheeks  and  blew and  blew.  To his dismay  and  anger  nothing  happened.   The  little  brick  house  stood as  sturdy as ever.  He scratched his  head with  a  paw. He trotted down the side of the house  and  shinned  up  the  drain pipe  onto  the  roof. A strong wind  blew his  black tail across his back like a banner.  He  almost  lost  his  balance  as  his claws  slipped  on  the  roof  tiles.  He reached out his paws and  leaned over to  stick his head down  the chimney.  For a  moment  he  coughed loudly, as  smoke  puffed  into  his  eyes.  Inside  the  little  house, flames  began  to  leap  up  the chimney. 

            The three little pigs  huddled  behind  the  sofa, beady  eyes  darting  back  and  forth.

            ‘Shhhh  it  must be Wolf, he’s on the  roof,’ said Pepsi.

            Wolf  blinded  by  the smoke,  lost  his  balance  and  tumbled  down  the chimney.   As  he  landed  in  the  grate  feet  first,  flames  licked  around  his  tail.

            ‘Ouch,’ he  yelped  springing  out  of  the  fire,   black  fur  smouldering.  He  ran across to the door, wrenched it  open and  disappeared  outside.  A  trail of  black  paw  marks  remained  on the carpet, as  he vanished  into the night.   

            ‘We’re  safe  now,’  sang  the  three  little  pigs,  laughing  and  dancing  around in a circle.  

Wolf  lay  in  his  lair  sniffing  in  dismay  at  the  singed  fur  on  his  bottom.

‘I’m going to hunt  squirrels  next time!’  he muttered  curling   up  nose  to  tail and  promptly  fell  asleep. 

Moonlight  shone  through  the  bedroom  window.  The  three  little  pigs  lay  snuggled  together  under  the  duvet,  knowing  they  were  safe  at  last  in  the  little  brick  house.  

The End

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