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Piggies and wolf in the woods have an adventure

Wolf  stood  back,  lifted  his  huge  shoulders  and  puffed  hard,  eyes bulging with  the strain.   He  jumped  backwards, as  the house  crashed  down  in  front of  him.  Clouds  of  dust  rose from  the heap  of  straw.  Wolf  sneezed  loudly and  rolled  on the ground.   He laughed so  much  tears  dripped  off  the  end  of   his  big  nose.  

            ‘One house down,  two  to  go,’  he  sniggered,  sauntering   off  down  the  track. 

            Deep in  the  woods  he  stared at the  little  wooden  house,   hidden below a canopy of trees.   Claws  clicking  as he marched up the garden path,  he  plucked  a  flower  and delicately sniffed the scent. Whiskers trembling  in excitement, he braced his shoulders and puffed hard.  He stood back  and  watched  as  the house  creaked  and  groaned.  With a loud crash,  splintered  wood  hit  the  ground.  The little wooden  house  now  resembled  a pile of matchwood. 

Wolf  coughed  to  clear his voice  and  began  to  sing  in  a  gruff voice ‘two houses down and one to go.’

He  vanished into the trees.   Percy pigeon  gazed  down  from  his  perch  and  shook his head  from side to side.  With a flap  of  his wings  he  soared  into the  air and  flew off  to find the three little pigs. 

Down in the village  Pinky, Perky  and Pepsi, staggered  out of  the  shop.  Between them  they  carried  bags  crammed  with  delicious  food  and  chocolate.        

            ‘Pepsi, take  the  bags please,’  said  Perky,   smugly  climbing  onto  the  motor  bike.

Pinky, jumped  onto  the  seat behind  him.  They  waited  patiently  as  Pepsi squeezed into the  sidecar.  He  balanced the   two  large  bags  in  front  of  him,  ears  drooping.

            Percy  pigeon  alighted  on  the ground  in  front  of  the motorbike.  Wings folded neatly at his  side   he  gazed  up  at  them.  ‘Piggies  beware,  I’ve just seen Wolf  blow down your houses!’

Percy  strutted  up  and  down  head  bobbing  over  his  plump  feathers. The  three  little  pigs looked  at  each  other  and  then  at   Percy.

‘Thank  you  Percy, we  must  go  now,’ they  shouted  in  unison.

Percy watched  as  the  three  little pigs disappeared down  the road  aboard  the motor bike.      

            Meanwhile  Wolf,  lay  curled  up  under  a  tree  fast  asleep,   snoring  loudly.  His long  whiskers  fluttered  up  and  down  as  he  slept. 

            Deep  in  the  forest  the  pigs  climbed  off  the  motor bike.  Perky  pushed  the  bike,  Pinky and Pepsi  on  his  heels  carrying the  bags  of  food.  

            ‘Come  on  hurry  up  you  two’,  whispered  Perky,  his fat  little  legs trembling in fear. Wolf  might  be  waiting to ambush us!’

They reached Pinky’s house. ‘Oh  no,’  they  whispered, huddling  together.

A large heap of  straw  was  all  that  remained  of  the  smart  straw  house.  

‘Come on lets  go  and  see  if  my  house  is  still  standing,’  whispered  Perky. 

The three  little pigs  made  there  way  down  the track, unaware of  what  they  might find.  

Perky cried out ‘Oh no look my house has gone too!’ as they reached the clearing in the woods.  The little wooden  house  resembled  a  large  pile  of  matchwood.        

           Perky  sniffed  loudly as  his  brothers  hugged him. ‘I worked so hard in my garden, now  its ruined.’  he said  in  a  muffled  voice.

‘Come on, all  is  not lost, lets  go to my house,’ said  Pepsi,  forcing  a confident smile on his face.

The three little  pigs marched  through  the woods.  As the trees began to thicken, they reached  a  glade. Sunshine  reflected  on  the windows of  the  sturdy  little  brick house.     

The End

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