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A humorous re-write of the fairy story. Piggies and wolf fight against each other with the inevitable ending. Piggies win of course!

Pinky the pig raced through the woods,  ears  pinned  back in fear. Wolf  gained  another  stride nearer, amber  eyes  gleaming  at  his  juicy prey.  Leaves  flew up  in the air behind  Pinky’s  flailing  trotters.  Wolf  snapped  at  the   pig’s  smart  designer  jeans,  tearing off a  piece of denim.  A deep growl  rumbled  in  his   throat  as  he   spat  out  the material  in anger.   

Further up  the  track  his  brothers  Perky and  Pepsi,  crouched  behind  a tree.  They huddled together eyes wide  in  fright, as  they  waited  for  Pinky  to  escape.    Wolf  tripped  over  a  large branch  on the path.  Paws  in   the  air  he  crashed  into  a  heap on  the ground.

Squeals  of  glee  echoed  around  the woods.  Pinky  joined  his brothers and they   scampered  off  together  down  the track  and disappeared  into  the  gloom.  

Wolf  lay  spread-eagled  on  the  ground,  big  black  ears  flopped over his  eyes.  He gasped, with   sides  heaving   as  saliva  dripped  from  his  big  yellow  teeth.

‘Time  is  running out  little  pigs,’  he muttered,   standing  up  and  shaking  leaves from  his furry  coat.  He  slunk off  to  his  lair  to  make  plans.

The  little  pigs stood  in  a  clearing  and  hugged  each  other.  They separated and went off  to  their little  houses.   Pinky  shut  the  door  of  his  straw house.   He  was  a very  lazy pig.  Snuggled down  on  the sofa, he became  engrossed  in  a  game  on  his mobile  phone.

Perky  pulled  on  his  wellingtons  and opened  the  squeaky back door of his little  wooden house.  Out in  the  garden   he  pushed  the wheelbarrow,  with a tray of plants down  the side  of  the house  to the  front garden. Trowel grasped  in  his  trotter,  he  lifted  plants  from  the  barrow and  began  to  plant  them  amongst  the  rich soil  in the window boxes. 

He whistled  merrily  as  he  worked.  A little robin flew  down  and  landed  on  the  window sill.   With  his  sharp  beak,   he  snatched  a beetle from  the soil  in the window box.      

Half an hour later,  Perky  stood  back  to  admire  his  flowers.   Soil  gathered  in  wet  patches  on  his  trousers.  His tummy  rumbled  loudly, it  was  time  for  a  snack.   He  pushed the wheelbarrow  back to the shed  in  the back garden, and  disappeared  inside  the house.   

Pepsi  had  finished  building  his  brick  house.  The red  front  door  with  a shiny brass knocker shone in the  sunlight.  Wolf  could  not  possibly  blow down  his  sturdy little house.  The strong roof  and  thick  brick walls would  last  forever.           

            Next  morning  the  three  pigs  gathered  at  Perky’s  house. They  were  going down to the village to get some shopping.    Perky wheeled  out  his  smart  red  motor  bike  from  the shed.   Pinky climbed up  on  the pillion  seat, and clung to  Perky’s  coat.  Pepsi  climbed  into  the  side  car, squeezing  his  fat  little body onto  the  seat,  and  pulled  on  a  pair  of  goggles.

            ‘I look like a fighter pilot,’ he yelled.

            Perky started the  engine.  The  motor  bike  roared  off  down  the  track  in  the woods, scattering  two  squirrels  foraging  in  the  long  grass.

            ‘There go the three little pigs,’ growled  Cyril,  jumping  to  his  feet  to  dust  down his grey coat.  Sydney  gazed  down  the leafy  track  and  frowned,  shaking  a  leaf  off   his bright button  nose. 

            Wolf  peeped  from  behind  a tree  to  watch,  as the  pigs   disappeared  into  the distance.  He  crept  out  onto the track,  long  black  tail curled  over his  back.  He  trotted  up  to  Pinky’s  house.  Pieces  of  straw  littered  the  path  from the carefully  constructed  roof.

The End

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