The Sons of Light

Kayle phoned his friends, and told them to meet us at our house. After he said they knew the address and were heading there we all got into our own cars. Torey lead us back to the house, Annabelle behind her, myself behind both of them, and the super hot Son of Light driving behind me.

     From the brief meeting that we had at the book store, Torey, Annabelle and I learned that are three other Sons of Light. Adrian, and Jon have been with Kayle for as long as he can remember, and Trent they found following a false lead about finding witches like us.

     Torey and Annabelle turned on to our street and up the incline to the house. Half way up the incline Torey hit the gas, disapearing over the top, Annabelle followed after her quickly, but I stayed behind. When I drove up to the top they were already parked in front of our large house, and leaning casually against Torey's Mustang. I parked on the street, Kayle pulling in behind me.

  I got out and stood beside Torey and Annabelle. Kayle followed behind me, but stood across from us, arms folded over his nicely chisled chest.

"Where are your friends?" I asked, maybe a little too rudely.

Right after I speak two sets of head lights come of the hill and shine brightly on us.

Kayle turns to me, a smirk on his lips, "Right there."

The two cars park one in front of the other across the street from the house. Two dark figures came out of the small car, and one came out of a large truck. All three figures met at the center line of the street and continued walking over. When they reached the four of us I pushed away from the car.

"How about we go inside?"

The four of the Sons of Light (S.O.L) nodded, well I think they did, because they followed after Torey and Annabelle.

Minutes turned into hours, hours well turned into well...morning. And I must say these guys are all really attractive looking. All of the guys a tall and muscular. Jon is blond with light brown eyes. Trent has auburn hair that hangs just above his dark jade eyes. Adrian has light brown hair medium length falling just above his shoulders and pale blue/ brown eyes. Though no matter how attractive the other three are, Kayle is still my favorite.

The guys left at 4 o'clock in the morning, but not without a last minute flirting. Jon was shamelessly flirting with Torey, while Torey held onto his hand, playing with the original Son of Light ring on his finger. Annabelle and Adrian were more silent in their flirting. Giving each other shy glances, and talking a little bit.

Kayle and Trent stood at the door, impatiently. I walked up right beside Kayle, crossed my arms over my chest, and cleared my throat. Both girls looked up at me, then looked away blushing. Torey dropped Jon's hand, and Annabelle took a step away from Adrian. Jon and Adrian stood beside the extremely quiet Trent.

"Thanks." Kayle said giving e a bright smile.

"No problem." I muttered turning away from him.

Annabelle and Torey's jaws were nearly to the floor when I looked at them. I gave them both a confused look. As soon as they were all out of the door, I was tackled by Annabelle.

"Are you stupid?" she exclaimed.

"Um, no." I said pulling out of her vice grip.

"Then why did you like completely diss him!"

"And how exactly did I do that?" I asked a little annoyed now.

"You like turned away from him when he was thanking you."

I shrugged. From behind Annabelle's shoulder i saw Torey's knees buckle, her eyes rolling into her head.

I pushed Annabelle out of the way and ran to Torey. She had gone completely pale, no trace of even a little bit of pink her face. Her breathing was short and shallow. Not sure how well I would be able to use my powers I put my finger tips to her cheek. Torey's eyes shot open, she inhaled a quick deep breath. Her eyes were black, completely black. Something I had never seen, black and hollow, they were like that for a moment before the black evaporated from the inside of her eye out.

"Torey are you okay?" I asked helping her sit up. Seeing some of the color returning to her face.

She nodded, "Mhm fine. Annabelle, why are you crying?"

I turned around to see Annabelle clutching her fist to her mouth, tears streaming down her face. I gave her a sympathetic look, then shook my head from side to side quickly trying to get her to stop.

"No reason, just got something in my eye." she muttered over her fist. "I'm going to bed night." she ran up the stairs just to our right.

I turned back to Torey who had a far off look on her face.


She shook her head and looked at me. "Why are your eyes glowing?"

My hands flew up to my eyes, and I rubbed feverishly at them.

"You didn't use your powers did you?" Torey says eyeing me like I'm the bad guy. Not her the one who just passed out on the floor.

"So what? It was nothing huge." I said shaking my head.

Torey smiled. "They are still glowing."

I stood up, and put my hand on my hips, "I think we should go to bed. The guys are meeting us at the Italian Hall in Wildwood at noon."

"Fine." Torey said standing up and brushing herself off. "Don't want to have huge bags under my eyes when I see Jon tomorrow."

I bit my lip, following behind her. "Yeah wouldn't want that."

Torey went to her room, and shut the door firmly behind her. As soon as I heard the click of the door, I ran down the hall to my room, straight to the bookshelf on the far left side of my room, in search of a book. A very special book. One written by Rebecca Drake, Draylene Wells, and Jennifer Jewell. My great great, well a lot of greats grandmother, and Annabelle's and Torey's.

At the use of our powers our eyes seem to glow, radiating the power through them. It seems that the more of our power that is used on a subject the longer and brighter our eyes radiat this.

                  -Draylene Wells

I flip through more pages remembering another entry

A young witch was killed today, she was no more than seventeen years old. No one knows what killed her, some think it is another witch. When they found her she was not clothed, laying on a blanket in the middle of a field, her eyes black and empty of all power. James Callahan the leader of the Sons of Light clan does not want to think one of his boys have gone rogue but you can see the doubt in his eyes.

             -Jennifer Jewell

My heart is racing, Torey's eyes were black, she didn't even seem to really know why she was on the floor. I flipped back a few pages, vaguely remembering an entry from my grandmother, about the girl Jennifer is talking about.



The End

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