Remaining Three


The Daughters of Darkness, one of the two most powerful clans of witches known to the world of magic. Despite the name these women do not study dark magic. Each heir of the Daughters has been given a special gift. An extra power that only a few other witches may have through-out centuries. Such as  Fore-seeing the Future, Hypnotism and many others. These are among the few that have been discovered over the years. Though these heirs are dwindling down, for the witch hunts are killing off both of these powerful clans by a great deal.

That was written over a hundred years ago, now there are only three Daughters of Darkness left. Annabelle Jewell, Torey Wells, and Keira Drake--Myself and my two best friends. We are the only three remaining descendants of the original clan, those witch hunts killed everyone else but our great-great grandmothers who found a few remaining witches from the other powerful clan called the Sons of Light and well made our great grandmothers and so on and so forth.  But as far as Annabelle, Torey and I know, the Sons of Light are long gone.

I closed the old book and put in back on the shelf behind the cash register. Nine o'clock, time to open up. Walking across the store to the door I flicked the lock and pulled the cord of the OPEN sign to on. I made sure all the coffee pots and kettles were going, re-cleaned all the tables in the shop. The door of the shop flew open with a loud crash.

My longest lasting employee, Mellisa Thomas waltzed in. She is 19 years old, with long slightly curly strawberry blond hair, green eyes, is about 5' 6 and very slim built. She is a very sweet girl, and a very good fit for the book store. Sociable and friendly.

"Morning Keira." she said cheerfully.

"Good morning Mellisa. How are you today?"

"Fantastic, there is this new play coming out, and the audition is tonight." she said walking past me to the back room.

"Wow, good luck." I called as she went through the door

"Thanks." she exclaimed back.

I couldn't help but laugh, Mellisa was always getting involved with plays and doing a fantastic job at them, but always the day of the audition she is more distracted then a ditsy blond a shiny piece of foil. So today was going to be a very, exciting day for me.

The bell above the shop door rang again as more people came in, and I set off to work.


Luckily for me the day passed without an incident from Melissa,. The usual costumers came in, and new ones seemed satisfied in the coffee and books. All in all today was a good day.

At about 7 Annabelle and Torey walked in. They are the about the same height, Torey is just a tiny bit taller, with short medium brown hair that she spikes sometimes in the back. She is the most musical person, and has the most expressive face around. Torey is kind of closed off about her feelings at times, her face gives them all away, she has really freaky eyes to, they are like three different colors-green, gray, and blue. Unfortunately, she is the logical one out of the three of us, Annabelle and I are always getting lectures and having to think out a lot of what we do because of her. Sometimes its a good thing, other times its annoying.

And Annabelle, well super model skinny, small face, bright smile, and big brown eyes. She is the kindest, purest person I know. Annabelle is one of the best elementary school teachers in the town of Powell River. Unfortunately, she is extremely paranoid about the littlest things. Its the way she is, sometimes her freak outs are for good reasons, others, well, not so much.

Both of them could probably give an "Unfortunate" thing about me too, and I already know what it is. Unfortunately, I am overly out-going and friendly. I have to say hi to everyone I know. I feel obligated to, and if I don't I feel bad. They absolutely hate it sometimes.

"You are not hiding my cheerios!" Torey said sitting down at our usual table by the window.

I smiled. "Oh, now why is that?"

"Because she ran home and hid them from you." Annabelle said smiling and rolling her eyes.

"Wow, very nice Tor." I said heavy on the sarcasm.

She shrugged, "I try."

Mellisa came out of the back room all dolled up with make-up and an extremely classy outfit of a short black skirt, and a dark purple silk blouse.

"Okay I'm out of here, the auditions start in ten minutes." she said walking out the door.

"See you tomorrow." I called, then turned back to my friends. They both gave me a serious look of curiosity and worry.


"Does she know?" Annabelle asked. I could see the paranoid wheels in her head turning.

Torey closed her eyes for a moment then opened them again. "No she doesn't know. She is just going on about how cool our 'tattoos' are." Torey rolled her multi colored eyes.

These 'tattoos' Mellisa is talking, well thinking about are these witch marks on our wrist. We all have them, they are black and shaped like a crow in flight. Yeah cause we are just that cool, and we didn't even have to get a needle to our skin to get it.

The bell above the door rang as someone entered the book store.

"I'm sorry we're closed we open tomorrow at--" I said standing up then stopping dead in my tracks. This really gorgeous guy was standing in the door way. Black spiked hair, eyes a pale ice blue, broad shoulders, square jaw, full lips, and whoa! Really nice body!

I gave my head a quick shake. "Sorry, can I help you?" putting on a welcoming smile.

The guy walked in to the store and right up to me. Jeese, he was really hot! I could feel Annabelle's and Torey's thoughts in my head screaming about how gorgeous he was too. Torey was hoping he had a friend, and Annabelle was hoping he had twenty!

"Yes, you might be able to. I'm looking for.."he flipped out a piece of paper from the pocket of his jeans. "a Miss Keira Drake?"

"That's me." I grinned. Practically bursting inside that this really hot guy was looking for me.

He stuck out his hand, "I'm Kayle Ashford."

I took his hand. "Nice to meet you Kayle." something caught my eye on his wrist. I flipped it over, the black crow!

"You're a Son of Light." I said stunned. Annabelle and Torey were at my side right away looking at his wrist.

Kayle ripped his wrist from my hand and shoved it in his jeans. "Then I guess you are the right girl if you know what I am."

I nodded, unable to speak. How can there be a Son of Light left without us knowing? Witches can always tell if there is another witch around.

"And by how these other two ladies behind you here are reacting I'm guessing you're all Daughters of Darkness?"

Again I nodded, out of the corner of my eyes I saw Torey and Annabelle doing the same.



The End

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