Three Daughters of Darkness

Witches! For Keira, Annabelle & Torey nothing is normal, they don't even know what normal is! These girls are the last remaining heirs of a long lost clan of powerful witches called Daughters of Darkness. Each girl has a rare power.
When four male members of another clan of witches' surface disaster hits when they discover one of the guys has turned rouge, the girls must test their strengths as powerful witches, & best friends to figure out which one of the guys is trying to steal


    "Keira will you please hurry your ass up, we're going to be late!" Torey screamed from the outside of my door.

"I'm coming!" I yelled back. Finishing applying mascara on to my eyes lashes.

      Of course, as always, I am last girl ready in the morning. I shoved my mascara back into the tube, and threw it on my bed before grabbing my purse and running full sprint out of my bedroom. Downstairs Annabelle was waiting for my at the door, my car keys in hand. Her hair as usual, totally straight and long to the middle of her back, with the nice creamy medium brown color. Dressed in the every-day Annabelle attire: a nice blouse, a pair of casual pants, and super cute pair of shoes.

"Wake up sooner." she smirked, closing the door behind me.

"Tomorrow I'll be up at 6:30!" I exclaimed jumping into my black Mazda 3.

"Mhm, and I'll be teacher of the year. We'll be by the shop later to visit." she said climbing into her purple Ford Focus. Yes purple!!

"Okay, tell Torey I am going to hide her cheerios if she screams at me while I'm doing my make up again."

Annabelle laughed. "I'll tell her." she started her engine and pulled out of the drive-way.

After a minute of making sure that my eyes were done evenly I started my engine and pulled out heading to work.

The End

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