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I'm getting new ideas as I write. I haven't thought too much into the future of it yet, but my ideas will continue to grow!



The depths of night. All sorts of lawbreaking, crime and mischief goes on in the shadowy depths of night, the shadows that are filled with dark poison, capable of ripping apart good dreams and turning them bad. Nightmares. But this was not a dream, nor nightmare for that matter. The horrors that were to come couldn’t be more real. But it wasn’t the prevailing act of stupidity that was terrifying, no. It was what followed . . .     



Chapter 1

 Will you get a move on!” the girl hissed. Her rude comment was aimed at the younger brother cowering behind her, Max, who was of a significantly smaller stature. They were siblings nevertheless, although they both knew that she was using him for personal gain. That was no secret.

“But I’m scared Rose, real scared”, he squealed, automatically concealing his body as if protecting himself.

“Oh for the love of...” Rose forced an exhale, trying to keep her anger within. “Look, the border’s just round here if what you say’s right”. She stood firmly on the ground with a focused gaze towards the dark blur in the distance, as if trying to exert an authority that was not there. Her arm sharply sprung up, “this is it, isn’t it Max?” Rose sharply questioned the now upright boy, keeping her fixed sight on the emptiness ahead.

“Yeah, I guess so”.


The two figures pressed on through the night, their path led by brilliant beams that shone from the crescent moon high above. Their destination, not too far away now, was a magnificent, ancient shrine, supposedly home to an object of much mystery and foolish desire, and of which many myths and legends have been told. Kamoko Shrine was a sacred place, although virtually unknown. After all, to most that knew its existence it was just a crumbling pile of stone of no significance in some hilly, desolate countryside.


...the time was ticking away, the inevitable getting closer still. Shame ...stupidity.


After surprisingly little conflict and confusion, Rose and Max stood petrified afoot the daunting half-lit structure. At night, its true beauty couldn’t be appreciated, but the auras that came from it could. They were strangely intense, almost painful. Even the elder seemed afraid now; she was frantically shivering, not because of the sub-zero temperatures, but without a doubt of the dreaded consequences that followed. Rose seemed almost compelled to go on, to do the unspeakable; she knew the repercussions ...she could not accomplish this without Max though, as he was the key; he did not know this and bizarrely, nor did she. Strange ...very strange.      


Rose continued, her piercing eyes intent solely on the murky distance ahead.

“Why are we doing this?” Max said with a bit more assertiveness. The strain and weariness in his voice suggested he had said these words many times this evening. “Can you please explain why this is so important to you?” But Rose ignored him as if he wasn’t there; she began to walk up the seemingly frail stairs, leading to the entrance, each step taken with unusual care. Max sighed and followed, as he knew he wouldn’t win an argument that was already lost, especially since Rose was acting this way. His stumbling on every few steps was the only sound that could be heard; everything else was silent.


“Rose, for God sake, talk to m...urgh!” Max forced, followed by another stumble. “These stairs are impossible”, he muttered, annoyed. Rose was a few metres away, standing uncharacteristically at the top, facing the vast shrine. She stood with the majesty and assurance of a proud lion; no fear, utmost concentration; very uncharacteristic.


Giving up trying to tread carefully, Max ran up the remaining stairs, eager to level his sister. “Hey sis, ...”

“You first”, she interrupted. It was the first sentence she had said in a while and came as a surprise, but it was also relaxing for Max having her communicating.

“But...”, he desperately argued, but then realised it would get him nowhere, so he awkwardly shuffled towards the arch-like entrance. There was no door covering the sinister gloom that awaited and now, no going back.


*  *  *

The moon’s light was not so prominent inside, but features could still be recognised. Rose stood purposefully behind Max, but her eagerness to continue was as strong as ever. No one spoke while they absorbed the peculiar surroundings.


The first thing that would have caught anyone’s eye was a faint glow in the distance. It flickered like a candle would have done, but why was it there – in the middle of the night, the place empty. It was the perfect set for a ghost story; very clichéd. But it was real. Max looked up at her sister and judging by her expression, she had seen it too; he wasn’t hallucinating.

“You first”, Rose repeated, in exactly the same monotone as before. The auras seemed to have intensified and Max could feel it, though he was just as helpless as ever. He didn't want to face the trauma of turning around and runnning; nothing was real to him now, he just had to play the game ...and not get gameover.


Max gave up trying to obey something he thought he didn’t have to. He wanted an answer.

“Rose! Stop it now! You’re driving me insane! I. Don’t. Like. This. If you wanted to come here so bad why are you making me?” Max was almost furious; the sudden contrast in noise made him feel exposed. Rose didn’t reply. Max continued, more quietly now, “look”, he began to reason, “I...”

Silence”, she screeched, abruptly stopping Max in his path in a voice that was no longer hers. The different voice was powerful and disturbing. The new pair of glaring sinister eyes tore him apart from the inside. Max froze, wishing he would wake up from this horror.  


Chapter to be continued...



The End

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