None Question the Hegemon

"What think you on this, Tomas?"  Galor asked lightly.

Tomas  did not move from his cross-legged position beside the small fire.  "It is not for me to question the reasoning behind the grand plan."  he responded: rote words for a rote question.

As an appointed guard for a magister of Teluride, his only concern was for the safety of the physical vessel of the magister.  Once the magister had completed his circuit and vacated the body, Tomas would ensure the host was safely introduced back into its' native culture.  And Tomas would go back to the estate, perhaps in time to reap the harvest.

"No."  Galor said, annoyance touching his voice.  "You Guardians always shy away from questions of philosophy.  But you are educated men.  Surely you must have an opinion."

Tomas remained unmoved.  "Personal opinion is subsumed to the will and direction of the Hegemon.  It is as it should be.  The heavens and earth are as the Hegemon desire.  He proscribes.  You ensure comformity.  I ensure safety. "

"But with so much sky, There is space beyond the Hegemon?  Why so much?"

"Again."  Tomas said, this time much more concerned, "It is not for me to question the reasoning behind the grand plan. Pointless speculation does not hurry the harvest."

"So, you support the Hegemon?" Galor asked directly.

"Opinion is irrelevant." Tomas said carefully.   He moderated his breathing, calmed his mind to keep his heartbeat steady.  The Magisters had highly sophisticated techniques for assessing emtonional conflict and if he were found unacceptable, others would come..  "Only conformity matters.  None will threaten your host while you are here."

Galor smiled then, and leaned back, whistling a cheerful tune with lips not quite adjusted to the action.  Even the Magisters took time to gain full control of their hosts. 


Tomas felt the bottom of his stomach give out.  He recognized the tune Galor whistled.  "Tu Madre" was an ancient war song from the Southern Continent, where his own people had come from.  The words to it were a death sentence under the Hegemony.

This was going to be unlike any prior magisters' circuit he'd overseen.  This one, Tomas figured, must have been sent to test their faith and conviction.

The End

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