Sunny is an ordinary girl, with a pushy boyfriend, wild friends and an neat-freak mum. She has millions of worries in her life, that is, until a mysterious stranger enters the scene. All her worries and cares drop away and suddenly, all that matters is him, yet she doesn't even know his name. Who is he? Is he really her soulmate? Only time will tell...

Sixteen-year-old Sunny walked briskly down the pavement, her long blonde waves blowing back from her pale, freckled face. The corners of her plump, pink lips were turned down and there was no sign of her dimples on her slightly chubby, child-like cheeks. This was because her warm brown eyes were turned down toward the mobile phone clutched in her hand. On the screen was a message from her boyfriend, Jake. She was always worrying about their relationship and how rocky it was becoming the more he demanded from her. The text read: 

2nite, yeah babe? c'mon, ur sixteen now. we've waited ages. u gotta do it or i'll find sum other girl hu's more willin. 

Her eyes brimmed with tears at the thought of breaking up with him. He could be a jerk at times, but she loved him all the same, and didn't know what she would do without him. She began typing out a text:

um, not 2nite babe-

She had barely started the text when she tripped over a stone. Just as she was about to fall, a hand grabbed her hand and pulled her upright. Blushing, she looked up at this considerate stranger. 

As she saw his face she felt her mouth drop open. He wasn't the fittest guy she had ever seen, in fact, she thought he was a little skinny and his jaw a little too prominent, but those tiny details didn't seem to matter. Everything about his features drew her in. His full lower lip, contrasting his thinner top one. His sculpted nose, his dark, arresting eyes and most of all, his dark, gorgeous hair. It fell into his eyes and then stuck out around his head in a messy, slept-on way. She couldn't put her finger on it's colour. She could see red, brown and black in it, all different shades. 

Suddenly, the text to Jake didn't matter, the worries melting away. She stopped thinking about what she was going to wear to Misty's party, stopped worrying about the mess in her room and the ribbing her mum was going to give her when she saw she'd stained the carpet yet again. 

She blinked and as if in a dream, she could see the threads, thin, silvery threads linking her to all those she cared about. Then, a pair of scissors appeared from nowhere. 

*Snip* Her ties to Jake were gone. 

*Snip* Her ties to her friends fell away.

*Snip* She stopped caring what her mother thought.

*Snip* Away went her worries about school work and exams. 

*Snip* *Snip* *Snip*. Soon, she could see no-more threads. Then looking down, directly in front of her, was a mass of loose ends. Then, in a heart beat, they launched themselves and attached to the boy, in a winding, twisting, silvery mass connecting their hearts. 

He was all that mattered, yet she didn't even know his name. Suddenly a word came to her. 


That was what he was. 

The End

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