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"So it's a man," I replied casually as I stepped out from the car. "You checked the height and body proportions? You've double checked other video footage to make sure the gender of this mysterious second person is male, I assume?" 

"Well," Deforge answered with a nonchalant nod and frown. "There wasn't much hair, so I just assumed." 

Barnett stood back and stared at Deforge with raised eyebrows while I had to turn my head so he wouldn't see my eyes rolling. "You assumed," I repeated, exasperated. 

Although Deforge was not an insightful inspector, he at least looked like one. Deforge had a dark, bushy mustache and his hair was speckled grey with age. Under his beady, and often squinted eyes hung heavy circles. If you had given him a pipe and a trench coat he would have looked the iconic detective.

I, on the other hand, looked like just your average Joe- a white, thirty six-year-old man with brown hair, brown eyes, five foot eleven height, weighing around one hundred and seventy pounds. At least that's what I'd been described as on various identification forms. You couldn't even tell from the way I dressed that I had stepped past hundreds of taped off areas for investigation. Next to Deforge I only looked like a curious nephew brought in to tour a crime scene.

"So, James," Deforge said as he placed a hand on my back, leading me away from Barnett who was then distracted by one of her officers. "I believe William Lakey's death wasn't down to suicide, and I think you'll agree after watching that video. There's something suspicious with that other man." He paused. "Or woman. I'll need your help on this case if we're going to solve it before Jerald can." 

"Jerald?" I asked, trying to think of who he was referring to. "Martin? The narcotics guy?"

"Yeah, Jerald." Deforge squinted at the face I made and waved his hand in the air. "Ah, don't worry. I just made a bet with him that we'd be able to figure out why he jumped before he could. Since Lakey was a prime suspect in the cocaine rise and all, he's also following Lakey's case." 

I shook my head. "So it's a race?"

"Yes, and we already have a lead," Deforge answered, beaming. "The second man. He talked to Lakey on the bridge. He has to know something."

"Or woman," I corrected again. Suddenly I noticed we were still walking away from Barnett and toward the city streets. "Where are we going?"

"To get something to eat, of course," Deforge chuckled. "Aren't you hungry?"

I stopped walking. "We should talk to Sergeant Barnett," I said. "So we can look at more security footage." 

"Can't it wait until after lunch? I've been told there's an excellent Italian restaurant somewhere in this neighborhood." 

I rolled my eyes for him to see. "Save your appetite. You got us into this race, and now I'm going to finish it." 

The End

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